We won a road game!  UW beats Stanford 78-61.  I’m not going to give a recap, that might come later by someone, but I just thought this blog should express some excitement!  It’s great to get this “can’t win a road game” thought out of our heads.  If the Dawgs somehow make this a year to remember the play of the year will be Quincy diving a quarter of the way across the court, beating all pac-10 forward Landry Fields to the ball and then passing it to Darnell Gant for a game-clinching dunk.  That’s the kind of play Jon Brockman made.  That’s the kind of play you want from your captain and that play showed how much Quincy wants it.  We have a long ways to go in a short amount of time but that might be the kind of play that turns around a season.  (Knock on wood for me, thank you.)




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2 responses to “Finally!

  1. Joe Loughery

    YIPPIE!!! Honestly though, I went nuts when Quincy dove for that ball and Gant dunked. Awesome play. Gaddy had one earlier that was much the same. I, for one, am very happy with the win. Holiday completely locked Fields down. Never know, this could be 2004 all over again, go on a huge run and make the tourney. I am staying optimistic!

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