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Around The Pac-12 – Week 1


Football starts in about a day now and that means our weekly look at mascots is back!  If you are new to this, here is how it will work.  During the Pac-12 non-conference schedule, I will write down who’s playing who each week.  I will then decide who will win this game based on who would win in a fight between each school’s mascot.  Some of these are easy, some are more difficult.  These are in no way predictions for the upcoming game.  We will have our predictions for each Pac-12 game but that post will come later in the week (or later today, in this instance).  This post is simply to let you know how dumb or awesome I think a school’s mascot is.  You’re welcome.  Once we move into conference play, I will be changing up the format and putting the mascots into competitions (like last season).  Enjoy!

Utah State Aggies at Utah Utes – Thursday 5 P.M.

This is one of the few match-ups that will have you looking at Wikipedia pages for both teams.  According to that website, Utah State Aggies is short for Agriculturalists.  Maybe that’s common knowledge, but, if it is, I do not have common knowledge.  Agriculturalists?  Really?  You are from Utah, but I bet you could name the team something better.  As for the Utes, they are named after a Native American tribe.  I tend to think of those people as tough.

Native Americans didn’t need Agriculturalists.  Also, I think their weapon of choice is probably a bow and arrow.  What’s an agriculturalist’s weapon of choice?  A hoe?  (Watch your mouth, Andrew). A map?  If anyone is dumb enough to say that a common agriculturalist could conquer a Native American, please post in the comments so that I could tell you how dumb you are.  The Utes win, and it’s no contest.

USC Trojans at Hawaii Rainbow Warriors – Thursday 8 P.M.

Umm… Where to begin?  Trojans are some of the greatest warriors ever known.  The weapon of choice seems to be a sword, a shield, or some giant wooden horse.  I guess I respect the Rainbow Warrior name.  Technically, the football team has chosen to be known as just the Warriors.  I don’t respect that choice.  The Rainbow Warriors, from the information, simply called themselves that because they had a rainbow in their logo.  Can it really be that simple?  Yes, I’m sure that Hawaii has some great rainbows in it, but is that a justifiable reason to just stick the word in front of another word?  Probably not, but it’s pretty funny!

Picture a Trojan fighting a Rainbow Warrior?  Not sure what a Rainbow Warrior looks like?  Me neither and, to avoid any insults, I’m not going to post a picture of one because it would just be my opinion of what it would look like.  Trojans beat the Rainbow Warriors.

Northern Arizona Lumberjacks at Arizona Wildcats – Friday 7 P.M.

I’ve got to be honest, I love the nickname Lumberjacks.  The school lies near a large pine forest, so it’s a fitting nickname which is great.  Consider that when the school opened it was named ‘Northern Arizona Normal School’ (you can’t make this stuff up) and this mascot name is off the charts.  Wildcats, on the other hand, are barely more than a house cat.  A wildcat isn’t simply in cat that is from the wild, it is a cat that lives in the wild but is roughly the size of your pet cat, Whiskers.  What a wimpy mascot.

Let’s see here.  A lumberjack with an axe against a cat?  The cat may make it interesting for a few minutes with its quickness and claws but in the end all we have is a cat that’s cut in half.  Lumberjacks win!

Nicholls State Colonels at Oregon Ducks – Saturday 4 P.M.

This one is ugly.  Almost as ugly as this game will be (Nicholls State lost to OSU 77-3 last year.  The Ducks might score 100).  Nicholls State is named after a Confederate soldier.  After realizing that this was a bit racist in 2004 (yes, it took that long) they changed their logo to, what looks like, a Nazi soldier.  But, is this really as bad as a university deciding that their mascot should be a duck?  Yes, it actually is.  The Ducks win by default.

Eastern Washington Eagles at Oregon State Beavers – Saturday 3 P.M.

We’re starting to get into some better mascot match-ups!  I love eagles.  They are as beautiful and majestic as an animal can get.  Plus, they are impressive hunters.  I’m also fond of the Beaver as Oregon State’s mascot.  As far as intimidation goes, a beaver might not be the best choice.  It is unique though and that’s important.  Also, let’s not undersell beavers’ accomplishments.  They build entire fortresses out of sticks!  I imagine that they can be feisty too, although I’ve never seen it.

As far as this battle, I don’t think a beaver can hold up to the aerial attack of an eagle.  The beaver would get pecked together and wouldn’t be quick enough to defend himself.  Eagles>Beavers. 

Washington State Cougars at Auburn Tigers – Saturday 4 P.M.

This is the best match-up so far.  Some really nice cats from the wild battle each other.  Cougars are ferocious, fast and fierce.  Tigers are a little bigger and pack more of a punch.  Does Auburn also get the War Eagle?  To be honest, I don’t really think they need it.  Have you seen Life of Pi?  That tiger is huge.  Tigers win in a close one.

Boise State Broncos at Washington Huskies – Saturday 7 P.M.

I used to have a dog named Monte (R.I.P.).  We lived pretty close to some horses and when we went on walks, Monte inevitably would go over to the horses and start to chase them.  He would nip at their heels and send them into a frenzy, no matter how much we called him back.  He liked the thrill.  He drove those horses crazy but anyone who watched knew that he could be dead by one, well-placed hind kick from the horse.  I just don’t know if the horse was coordinated enough to do it.

This is another nice mascot match.  Broncos are better than just regular horses and huskies are better than just regular dogs.  In the end I think we have to go with that hypothetical hind kick.  Broncos win in a battle that could go on for days.

Northwestern Wildcats at California Golden Bears – Saturday 7:30 P.M.

We discovered in the mascot posts last year that Golden Bears are exactly that.  There is no breed of bear called a Golden Bear anymore.  They have gone extinct.  Then again, Trojans have also gone extinct so I’ve decided to reverse my opinion on the Golden Bear and reinstate them in ‘Mascot Match-ups’ as the power they once were.  I’ll have all season to hold the extinct thing over their head though.  Really?  More stupid Wildcats?  Golden Bears win with one mighty swipe of the paw.

Colorado Buffaloes at Colorado State Rams – Sunday 3 P.M.

Have you ever watched a buffalo run straight towards a ram?  That would be more interesting than this actual football game.  The ram’s horns are a nice weapon but they simply can’t match the size and speed of the buffalo.  If a buffalo runs straight at you, you are probably going to die.  Buffaloes crush Rams.






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Pac-12 Alumni Teams – USC, Utah, UW, WSU

Last week, I started our quest to predict a Pac-12 alumni basketball tournament winner.  In case you missed it, I’m taking 10-12 of the best alumni each Pac-12 schools have and placing them on a hypothetical basketball team.  These teams would be playing today, so there aren’t  any old legends in them.  Most of the players I’m placing on the teams are playing professionally somewhere.

Today, we are assembling the last four alumni teams (I’ve gone in alphabetical order).  After this, the fun will begin and we’ll start our hypothetical tournament.  So, let’s get to the teams.


C Andrew Bogut – Bogut was drafted in 2005 as the number one pick.  He is the last Ute to be drafted into the NBA.
G Andre Miller – Miller was drafted in 1999 and is still in the league.  Bogut and Miller are the only Utes still in the NBA.
F Britton Johnsen – Johnsen retired about 2 years ago after playing a few years in the NBA and overseas.  He is still only 33 and currently runs basketball camps.
F/C Hanno Mottola – Mottola is 36 but is still playing in a Finnish league.  He spent a few years in the NBA before going overseas.
G Carlon Brown – Only in a hypothetical tournament can you have a guy play for two teams! Brown also attended Colorado (he was a Ute longer).  Brown is currently in the D-league.
G Luka Drca – I still have to find four more guys.  Luka graduated from Utah in 2010 and now plays for  a Serbian professional basketball team.  All of these countries have basketball.
G/F Will Clyburn – I found another transfer! Clyburn had a good junior season at Utah, with 17 points/game.  Clyburn just signed with Sacramento as an undrafted free agent.  He’s probably the 4th best player on this team…
G Josh Watkins – Watkins was kicked off the team in 2012 while leading them in scoring.  There is no way the school would invite most of these guys back.  Not that it will matter as far as them winning games.
C Jason Washburn – Washburn graduated this year after a successful career at Utah.  He’s hoping to sign with an NBA team for summer leagues but hasn’t as of the time I published this.
C Luke Nevill – Nevill brings another huge guy to this Utah roster. Nevill currently plays for the Townsville Crocodiles in Australia (Australia and the NBA D-League are battling it out for best mascots).

Utah overview:  Aside from having 5 guys that are almost 7 foot (or over 7 foot), Utah is not good.  There aren’t many scorers here and, aside from Bogut and Miller, the talent is really lacking.


F Nikola Vucevic – Vucevic was drafted in 2011 and played for Orlando last year.
G O.J. Mayo –
Mayo was drafted in 2008 and played for Dallas last season.
G DeMar DeRozan –
DeRozan was drafted in 2009 and played in Toronto last year.
F Taj Gibson
 – Gibson was also drafted in 2009 and played in Chicago last season.
G/F Nick Young
– Young was drafted in 2007 and is currently a free agent in the NBA.
F Brian Scalabrine – 
Scalabrine is the veteran of the group (35).  He retired from the NBA in 2012
G Desmon Farmer – Farmer finished at USC in 2004 and has bounced around since then.  He played for the Reno Bighorns last year (D-League).
G Gabe Pruitt – Pruitt was drafted in 2007 but has been in the D-League since.  In the past year he decided to go overseas and play in Greece.
G Jio Fontan – Jio graduated this year.  He went undrafted but is hoping to sign somewhere.
G Dwight Lewis – Lewis now plays in Spain after finishing at USC in 2010.
C Alex Stepheson – Stepheson finished at USC in 2011 and now plays in Europe.  This USC team was in need of a center and Stepheson fills that role.

USC Overview:  USC is sneaky good.  They have a lot of guys who can score and six guys in the NBA.  All the other guys play professionally somewhere else.  They have a lot of long, athletic guards and a few good post players.  This team will be a tough out.


G Nate Robinson – Nate was drafted in 2005.  He played in Chicago last year and is currently a free agent. 
G Isaiah Thomas – I.T. was drafted in 2011 and has played in Sacramento the last few years.
G Tony Wroten – Wroten was drafted in 2012 and played in the NBA and the D-League last year.
F Terrance Ross – Ross was also drafted last year and plays for Toronto.  
C Spencer Hawes – Hawes was drafted in 2007 and currently plays for the 76ers. 
F/C Jon Brockman – Brockman played for a few different teams in the NBA before playing overseas last year.  He is currently playing for the New Orleans summer team.  He was drafted in 2009. 
G Will Conroy – Conroy finished at UW in 2005 and has hopped between the D-League and the NBA ever since.
G Justin Dentmon – Dentmon, like Conroy, has hopped between the D-League and the NBA since he finished at UW in 2009.
F Quincy Pondexter – Pondexter was drafted in 2010 and now plays for Memphis.
F Justin Holiday – Holiday graduated in 2011 and has played in the NBA and D-League ever since.
F Brandon Roy – While Roy has retired, and will coach the Huskies once Romar is done (you heard it here first), I believe that he would be one of the better players on the court if he only had to play a few games.  He was drafted in 2006. 
C Matthew Bryan-Amaning – MBA is the only guy on the team who hasn’t made it to the NBA.  He currently plays in Serbia after finishing at UW IN 2011.

UW Overview:

This team is as deep as anyone in the league.  They may not have as much star talent but there are plenty of scorers.  They have depth at every position.  It was hard to decide on the 12th guy because there are a few that could easily be on the team (Tre Simmons and Bobby Jones, most notably).


F/G Klay Thompson – Thompson was drafted in 2011 and currently plays for the Golden State Warriors.
C Aron Baynes – Baynes finished at Wazzu in 2009 and played overseas before joining the Spurs this year.
G Kyle Weaver – Weaver was drafted in 2008 and now plays in the D-League.
F Brock Motum – Motum graduated this year and is playing with the 76ers during the summer league.
G Derrick Low – Low finished at WSU in 2008 and currently plays overseas.
G Taylor Rochestie – Rochestie (Joe’s favorite guy) finished school in 2009 and now plays in an Italian league.
F Ivory Clark – Clark currently plays in an Israeli league after finishing at WSU in 2007.
F DeAngelo Casto – Casto finished at Wazzu in 2011 and has played in Turkey and South Asia leagues since.
G Marcus Capers – Capers graduated in 2012 and now plays in Finland.
G Faisal Aden – Aden has played for a D-League team, Italian team, German team and signed a contract with a Belgium team (who he never played with) after finishing at Wazzu in 2012.

WSU Overview:

Wazzu has the star but the supporting cast isn’t the best.  There aren’t many guys in the NBA but they are all playing professionally somewhere and they are relatively young.  WSU isn’t the best team in the tournament but they could surprise some people.

The tournament starts soon!



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Pac-12 Alumni Teams – Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA

Yesterday, I started our quest to predict a Pac-12 alumni basketball tournament winner.  In case you missed it, I’m taking 10-12 of the best alumni each Pac-12 schools have and placing them on a hypothetical basketball team.  These teams would be playing today, so there aren’t  any old legends in them.  Most of the players I’m placing on the teams are playing professionally somewhere.  

I assembled the first four teams (alphabetically) rosters yesterday.  Today we have Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford and UCLA.  Once we’re done with all of the teams rosters, we will make a bracket and go from there.  Let’s get to it!


G Malik Hairston – Hairston was drafted in 2008 and currently plays in Spain.
G Luke Ridnour – Ridnour was drafted in 2003 and is playing for Minnesota currently.
G Aaron Brooks – Brooks was drafted in 2007 and plays for Houston. 
F Luke Jackson – Jackson was selected in the 2004 draft and played through last year professionally.  He accepted a coaching job in a small college in Oregon.
C Tony Woods – Woods graduated this year from Oregon and hopes to catch on to an NBA team.
F Arsalan Kazemi – Kazemi graduated this year and hopes to get drafted.
F E.J. Singler – Yet another guy from this year who is hoping to catch on in the NBA.
G Tajuan Porter – Porter plays in the NBA D-league after finishing at Oregon in 2010
F Joevan Catron – Catron finished at Oregon in 2011 and plays in a Japanese basketball league.
C Michael Dunigan – Dunigan finished at Oregon in 2010 and is playing in the Philippines and has been very successful there.

Oregon Overview:  Oregon has a decent group here.  There aren’t a ton of NBA guys but there are a bunch that are very close.  The Ducks have one of the youngest teams that has been assembled so far.

Oregon State:

G Jared Cunningham
F/C Joe Burton
F Roeland Schaftenaar – Schaftenaar played his final season at OSU in 2010 and is now in a European league.
G Calvin Haynes – Haynes graduated in 2011 and has played in the D-league but is now in a European league.
F Marcel Jones – Jones graduated in 2008 and now plays in an Australia league.
F/C Sasa Cuic – Cuic graduated in 2008 and now plays in Europe.  He played in Morocco last year.
F Nick DeWitz – DeWitz played at Oregon State in 2006 and most recently played in a Portuguese league.  Yep, I’m really struggling to find guys here.
F David Lucas – Lucas graduated in 2005.  He has played everywhere and is currently in IBL playing for the Portland Chinooks.  Yeah…
F Omari Johnson – Johnson graduated in 2011 and is now playing a Canadian League.
G Gary Payton – Yeah, it’s come to this.  By far the oldest guy in the tournament, Payton was drafted in 1990 and is now 44 years old.  If anyone thinks there are better qualified guys, do the research and get back to me. 

Oregon State Overview:  We have an early contender for the number 12 seed here.  They aren’t particularly young, there is only one NBA player and there are basketball leagues here that I didn’t know even existed (Canada? Japan?).  This team has about three guards, and one of them is 44.

Stanford Cardinal

C Robin Lopez – Lopez was drafted in 2008 and plays for New Orleans.
C Brooke Lopez – This Lopez has had more success in the NBA and plays for Brooklyn.
F Landry Fields – Fields was drafted in 2010 and played in Toronto last year.
C Jason Collins – Collins was drafted in 2001 and is now a free agent (if he doesn’t retire).  He’s had a long NBA career and is another 7 footer on this team.
G/F Josh Childress – Childress was drafted in 2004 and played in Brooklyn last year.
F Josh Owens – Owens graduated in 2012 and is now playing in the D-league for the Idaho Stampede.
G Chris Hernandez – Hernandez finished at Stanford in 2006 and retired from professional basketball last year after winning a championship in Spain.
F Taj Finger – Finger graduated in 2008, and is most recently playing in Japan.  He also runs a basketball camp in New York during summers.
G Jeremy Green – Green was left Stanford in 2011 and is playing in Europe.
G Matt Lottich – Lottich graduated in 2004 and is now running a basketball camp.  The team is low on guards so Lottich makes the cut.

Stanford Overview:  Stanford doesn’t have the depth of some teams but they have a lot of talent.  There are three seven footers who are still in the NBA.  Stanford will pose some match-up problems for other teams.


G Russell Westbrook – Westbrook was drafted in 2008 and plays for Oklahoma City, currently.
G Shabazz Muhammad – Shabazz declared for the NBA draft this year, and is expected to be a first round pick.
F Luc Mbah a Moute – Mbah a Moute was drafted in 2008 and plays for Milwaukee. 
C Kevin Love – Love was drafted in 2008 and plays for Minnesota currently. 
G Malcolm Lee – Lee was drafted in 2011 and plays for Minnesota. 
F Tyler Honeycutt – Honeycutt was drafted in 2011 and played for Sacramento sparingly last year and also played in the D-league. 
C Ryan Hollins –
Hollins was drafted in 2006 and now plays for the Clippers.
G/F Jrue Holiday –
Holiday was drafted in 2009 and has played for Philadelphia.
G Darren Collison
– Collison was drafted in 2009 and played for Dallas last year. 
F Matt Barnes
– Barnes was drafted in 2002 and has had a long NBA career.  He played for the Clippers last year. 
F Trevor Ariza
– Ariza was drafted in 2004 and played for Washington last year. 
G Arron Afflalo –
Afflalo was drafted in 2007 and played for Orlando last year.

UCLA Overview:  The Bruins are obviously one of the most talented schools and always will be.  All of the guys listed above are or will be in the NBA.  The Bruins are definitely in contention for the top seed.  They also are pretty versatile in their positions.

That’s all for today.  If you have any different guys that I should add, put them in the comments and I’ll get back to you.  Thanks!


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Your Pac-12 Alumni Tournament

Yesterday, most of the Good Guys went to the Husky alumni basketball game.  It was a great environment and a great event for a school that has a growing history of fantastic players.  After the event, Joe, Matthew and I were talking and were wondering how the top players on the floor would fare against other teams alumni today.

Unfortunately, they aren’t going to have this tournament in real life.  That would really be something.  Instead, the Good Guys are going to bring it to you.  Over the next few days, I will be putting together each school’s alumni team.  If there are any oversights, please leave the players in the comments and I will add them to the team before we start bracket play.

Once the teams are assembled, we will make a bracket (with seedings) and put the teams up against each other.  The four Good Guys will vote on the winners of each matchup and will try to leave our bias out of it.  Again, these matchups are based on if these players were facing off against each other today.  There won’t be any UCLA legends in here because they are old and wouldn’t be able to play with guys from the last 10 years.  In fact, I plan to only go back 10 years in assembling the rosters (although I may make some exceptions).  Each roster will consist of 10-12 players.

Today, I’ll start with the rosters for the Arizona schools, Colorado, and California.  I’m just going in alphabetical order.  I’ll give a little explanation of what each player has done of late.

Arizona Wildcats:

F Chase Budinger – Budinger has played in the NBA since 2009.  He played for Minnesota last year.
F Andre Iguodala – Iguodala was drafted in 2004 and has been in the league ever since.  He played for Denver last year  
F Derrick Williams – Williams was drafted in 2011 (2nd overall) and currently plays for Minnesota.
F Solomon Hill – Hill in projected to be a late 2nd round pick this year in the NBA draft.
G Jerryd Bayless – Bayless was drafted in 2008 and played for Memphis last season.
F Jordan Hill – Hill was drafted in 2009 and played for the Lakers last season.
F Richard Jefferson – Jefferson was drafted in 2001 and played for Golden State last season.  He is one of the oldest players on this team.
C Channing Frye – Frye was drafted in 2005.  He retired last year, due to a health problem (I’m not sure if he should be included in this tournament or not, we may revisit this).
G Jason Terry – The oldest player on the team, Terry was drafted in 1999 but still plays in the NBA.  He played for Boston last year and has average double-digit points every season since 2000.
G Hassan Adams – Adams was drafted in 2006 and has bounced around different leagues ever since.  He currently plays in a Venezuelan league.
G Salim Stoudamire – Stoudamire plays on the same team in Venezuela as Adams.  He was drafted in 2005.
G Gilbert Arenas – Arenas makes the cut, as this team needs a few more guards.  He was drafted in 2001 and currently plays for Shanghai in the Chinese Basketball Association.

Overview of Arizona:  This team has a wealth of good forwards.  The guards aren’t as prominent but there are plenty of them playing professionally.  Overall, this is a very good team and one of the favorites.

Arizona State Sun Devils:

F Ike Diogu – Diogu was drafted in 2005 and now plays in a Puerto Rico league.
G James Harden – Harden is easily the best player on this team.  He was drafted in 2009 and is currently a Houston Rocket.
F/C Jeff Pendergraph – Pendergraph was drafted in 2009 and has been in the NBA ever since.  He has played with the Pacers most recently.
F Michael Batiste – Batiste played his last season with Arizona State all the way back in 1999 but is still playing with a Turkey league team and has done quite well overseas.
G Eddie House – House was drafted in 2000 and retired from the NBA last year after a long career.
F Tommy Smith – Smith was drafted in 2003 and has been around a few different leagues since.  This year he played for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants (I’m not joking).
G Derek Glasser – The last thing I can find on Glasser is that he was playing in an Israeli league.
G Ty Abbot – Abbot seems to have played in a European league this year, after graduating in 2012.
F Richard Kuksiks – Kuksiks played for ASU until 2011 and now plays in Ukraine.
G Kevin Kruger – Kruger played for ASU and UNLV but we’ll count him because this team needs players.  He has played in a few different leagues and was in the NBA D-League last year.

Arizona State overview:  Arizona State has one of the best players, but is lacking after that.  To be honest, it was hard just to come up with 10 guys.  If you know of anyone else who is playing professionally from Arizona State please add them in the comments.

California Golden Bears:

F Ryan Anderson – Anderson was drafted in 2008 and currently plays for New Orleans.
Jason Kidd – Kidd is the oldest guy on any team, so far.  Kidd was drafted in 2004 and played last year for the Knicks.  He is now the coach of the Nets, but I think he’s still probably one of this squad’s top players. 
Leon Powe – Powe was drafted in 2006 and stayed in the NBA for about 5 years.  He now plays in a Puerto Rico league.
Francisco Elson – Elson was drafted in 1999 and played in Iran last year after spending most of his time in the NBA.
G/F Allen Crabbe – Crabbe may be the best player on this team and will be drafted this year, in the NBA draft.
G Jerome Randle – Randle finished at Cal in 2010 and currently plays in Belgium.
G Jorge Gutierrez – Jorge graduated from Cal in 2012 and played in a D-League last year.
C Max Zhang – Zhang played with Cal through 2010 and currently plays for the Shanghai Sharks.  He’s 7’3″ if you forgot.
F Harper Kamp – Kamp graduated in 2012(?) and is currently playing in Europe.
F Jamal Boykins – Boykin graduated in 2010 and plays in Europe currently.

California overview:  Cal is a bit depleted because of injuries to alums (Theo Robertson comes to mind).  This team doesn’t have many NBA players on it, but they are relatively young even if they have Kidd and Elson on the team.

Colorado Buffalos:

G Chauncey Billups – Probably Colorado’s most famous basketball alum, Billups is finishing up his NBA career after getting drafted in 1997.
G/F Alec Burks – Burks was drafted in 2011 and is still with the Utah Jazz. 
F Chris Copeland –
Copeland graduated from Colorado in 2006 and played in D-leagues but made his debut in the NBA with the Knicks last year.
G Cory Higgins – Higgins graduated in 2011 and has played in the D-League since , with a short stint in Charlotte.
F Andre Roberson – Roberson declared for the NBA draft and is hoping to be drafted this year.
G Sabatino Chen – Chen graduated this year and is hoping to play professionally somewhere.
G Carlon Brown – Brown graduated in 2012 and is playing for the Idaho Stampede (D-League).
C David Harrison – Harrison was drafted in 2004 and has played on several D-league teams since then.
G Richard Roby – Roby played for Colorado until 2008 and now plays in Venezuela.  I’m really struggling to find these guys now.
G Marcus Hall – Hall finished at Colorado in 2008 and now plays in Europe.

Colorado Overview:  Admittedly, I don’t know much about Colorado because I didn’t grow up watching them.  If you come across this and know more please fill me in.  These were about the best 10 players I could find and this team is fairly guard heavy.  Some of them are combo guards so there is still some size on the team. 

That’s it for today.  If you have any quibbles with the rosters, please let me know in the comments!


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Around the Pac-12 – Week 9

If you missed it, I wrote a little bit on the Dawgs yesterday that you can find here.  Today, we get back on track with our weekly Around the Pac-12 posts.  After a brief hiatus, this post will include a mascot mash-up.  That will be after the jump, so go ahead and skip to that unless you like football.  Oh, you’re reading a sports blog and most of you like football?  Cool.  Here are the games for the week.

Arizona (Beat Washington 52-17) vs. USC (Beat Colorado 50-6)

Arizona is coming off one of their best victories of the year.  I didn’t need to remind anyone here of that.  USC finally looked like the dominant team they should be but that was against Colorado.  This game has upset written all over it, which could mean that the Trojans play their best game of the year.  We all know how talented USC is but they haven’t put it all together yet.  Arizona on the other hand is a tough team, especially at home.  I expect a lot of points and some great quarterback play.  This could be the game of the week and will go a long way in deciding who Oregon will play in the Pac-12 championship.

Arizona State (Lost to Oregon 43-21) vs. UCLA (Bye)

The last couple of weeks have provided us with plenty of Pac-12 blow outs.  This is the week where the conference could boast 4 good games.  This one will also go a long way in deciding what will happen in the Pac-12 South.  UCLA can’t afford to lose another conference game while Arizona State tries to prove that they aren’t as bad as they looked against Oregon.  Here’s a hint, everyone is going to look awful against Oregon except USC.  This game may feature quite a few points as well.  When it’s all said and done, I’m guessing that these two teams will be behind Arizona and USC in the south.

California (Lost to Stanford 21-3) at Utah (Lost to Oregon State 21-7)

This game features two teams that are trying to salvage their seasons.  Cal is 3-5 and Utah is 2-5.  The Golden Bears were thoroughly dominated by Stanford last week and Utah’s offense just can’t seem to get on track this year.  While this game may not be the most exciting to watch, I think it will be a dogfight that both teams desperately need to win.  Utah played decently against Oregon State but, like I said, their offense can’t seem to get rolling.  For the record, the Huskies go down to play the Golden Bears next Friday night.

Colorado (Lost to USC 50-6) at Oregon (Beat Arizona State 43-21)

This is not one of those quality Pac-12 games that I was talking about.  This will get ugly and in a hurry.  Colorado is terrible and probably won’t win another game this year.  Oregon is really good and may not lose a game this year.  You can do the math from there.  Oregon’s victory last week was impressive and their defense continues to impress.  A buffalo against a duck is a no contest as far as which one is bigger though.

Stanford (Beat Cal 21-3) vs. WSU (Bye)

This shouldn’t be much of a game.  Arizona gave Stanford some problems defensively with their spread offense so maybe Leach can get something going but WSU is not close to Arizona.  Maybe the bye week will help the Cougars as well?  I don’t know and I feel like I’m grasping at straws here.  Stanford has really found their running game and is still about 3 plays away from being undefeated.  I don’t think the Cardinal should be overlooked.  You should never overlook a tree because they are so beautiful.

It is time for me to rank mascots based on their ability to do an Olympic event.  Feedback has told me that this part of the post is as entertaining as it sounds.  I hope I don’t disappoint now.  Find out the event and the mascot rankings after the jump!

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Pac-12 Picks – Week 7

Last week was a decent week for us, as Joe and Matthew went 5-0 and Dan and Andrew came in at 4-1.  The standings really aren’t changing much and this may come down to the bowl games.  Because I know so many of you care.  This is a somewhat big week for the conference.  There are two marquee non-conference games that the Pac-12 are playing.  BYU against Oregon State isn’t huge in the national eyes but it’s a game that will help decide if the Beavers are worthy of their lofty ranking.  Stanford at Notre Dame is a huge game for the conference and will boost national acclaim if the trees come out with a win.  Inside the conference, USC-Washington is a huge game that will give separation in both the north and south divisions.  UCLA-Utah is another game to keep an eye on as each of those teams try to salvage their seasons.  On to the picks.


ASU at Colorado
The Good Guys:  ASU


California at WSU
The Good Guys:  Cal

UCLA vs. Utah
Matthew:  Utah
Joe, Dan, Andrew:  UCLA

The Good Guys:  Oregon State

Stanford at Notre Dame
Andrew:  Stanford
Matthew, Joe, Dan:  Notre Dame

Matthew 38-11
Andrew 37-12
Dan 37-12
Joe 37-12

So, Matthew is out to an early lead.  As always, the Husky predictions will come tomorrow night.



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Around the Pac-12 – Week 7

Last week brought with it the inaugural mascot melee.  This is week 2 of that, but you’ll have to make it through all of the football games first.  The mascots will be after the jump.  The Pac-12 football teams, on the other hand, will be talked about before the jump.  You can read both, or not.  One will be interesting and ridiculous, while the other will still be somewhat interesting, hopefully, and not so ridiculous.  How’s this for an introduction!  Let’s talk some football.

This Week:  Arizona State (Bye) at Colorado (Bye)

This is the Thursday night game that will be shown on ESPN.  What a barn burner they picked.  Arizona State is a surprise team and could make a run at the South division but count me in as a guy who doesn’t totally buy in to the Sun Devils.  I’m still trying to figure out what a Sun Devil is, to be honest.  This team has a good defense, although I question their secondary.  The offense is a bigger concern.  Colorado is bad.  They won one game by magically beating the Cougars.  They probably won’t win another one, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept this one a little bit close.  Arizona State should improve to 5-1 after this game, which is the same record they had last year before they collapsed.  Just saying.

This Week:  California (beat UCLA 43-17) at WSU (lost to OSU 19-6)

Cal went out last week and tried to salvage their season.  They succeeded.  WSU went out last week and tried to salvage their season.  Their defense gave a good effort but they failed.  Cal had looked lost all season before playing UCLA and now it seems that the Golden Bears aren’t as close to teetering off the edge as we thought.  They should be 3-4 after this week and, while that’s not great, aspirations of a bowl are still in tact.  WSU players said that they still think making a bowl is doable this week.  Logically that’s correct.  But, have they watched themselves on tape?  Seriously, that team has a lot of holes.  They might surprise someone this season and I guess this is as good of game as any?  But, no.  It probably won’t happen.

This Week:  Oregon State (beat WSU 19-6) at BYU

The Beavers magic will be tested this week.  That’s not because BYU is a good team.  In fact, I think the Beavers have beaten three teams that are better than BYU already, but it’s because they’ll be without their quarterback, Sean Mannion.  BYU will be a challenging place to play and it will make for an interesting task for new quarterback Cody Vaz.  OSU didn’t look all that impressive against WSU last week but you have to take into account that Sean Mannion was playing on a bad knee all game.  The defense continues to impress.  The Beavers are ranked in the top 10.  How weird is that?

This Week:  Stanford (beat Arizona 54-48) at Notre Dame

The Cardinal played a barn burner on Saturday against Arizona.  It was the exact opposite game that they played against Washington the week before.  I don’t know what to make of the Cardinal.  If they could put it all together, then they’d be a top-15 team but I just don’t see them doing that this year.  Notre Dame is a tall task for Stanford and I don’t expect them to get it done.  I hope they do.  The Pac-12 could use an Oregon State or Stanford victory this week, both would be fantastic.

This Week:  UCLA (lost to Cal 43-17) vs. Utah (lost to USC 28-38)

This could turn in to a really ugly game.  Both of these teams suffered disappointing losses last week.  Utah had USC on the ropes and had some points gifted to them.  They took an early lead only to get dominated in the second half.  It’s been a very disappointing season for the Utes thus far.  I only wrote that sentence so I could use the phrase ‘thus far’.  UCLA played their worst game of the season and, like a true UCLA team, got drilled by an opponent they should have beaten.  Now, they’ll try to regroup.  If they’re a true UCLA team they probably won’t regroup.

Byes this week:  Oregon, Arizona

Oregon is good.  Arizona is probably the best 0-3 conference team in the country but that doesn’t mean they’re good.  The Wildcats let Josh Nunes beat them last week.  Husky fans will laugh at that.  Matt Scott and Ka’deem Carey are on fire right now though.  As a Husky fan, I don’t like that Arizona has a bye the week before they play us.  As a Husky fan, I don’t like Oregon.

I plan to preview the USC-UW game a little more on Friday.  After the jump we move on to the mascot melee on one of the more controversial Olympic sports.  Continue reading

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Around The Pac-12 – Week 6

This week, on ‘Around the Pac-12’, we’re debuting something new.  It’s something exciting and extremely informative.  It’s a mascot ranking!  Every week I’ll think of categories or events and rank the mascots based on how well they’ll do.  If you’ve read these posts at all, you know that I enjoy sports team’s mascots.  Since we’re out of non-conference play I don’t have the opportunity to find new mascots.  Last week Matthew came up with this idea and I’m going to run with it.  It may turn into its own weekly post.  For now, the mascot rankings will fall after the jump* so that you get all of the informative stuff and have the opportunity to stop reading if ridiculous rankings aren’t your thing.

Of course, I will still be making jokes and dumb comments in the informative part of this post.

This Week:  Arizona (lost to Oregon State 38-35) at Stanford (lost to Washington 17-13)

Well, we know what happened with Stanford last week.  Their quarterback won’t be able to win games for them.  Fortunately for the Cardinal, he won’t have to.  What is also concerning is that Stanford couldn’t just push around the Huskies.  They do that against most of the Pac-12 and it will be interesting to see if they will be able to do this for the rest of season.  Arizona is starting to look like the team we thought they were in the pre-season.  Arizona can and will score quite a few points but it doesn’t seem as if the defense will be able to hold many teams down.  They’ve given up 87 points in the last 2 games.  Of course, this was against the two Oregon schools, two of the best teams in the conference.  This is an intriguing match-up and could really provide some clarity in the Pac-12 race.

This Week:  California (lost to Arizona State 27-17) vs. UCLA (beat Colorado 42-14)

The Golden Bears are now 1-4.  They have played tough against Ohio State and Arizona State but simply don’t seem to have the quarterback to win games.  They have the talent and I think they’ll start to win a few more in the weeks coming, but this isn’t the start to the season they’d imagined.  UCLA did what they were supposed to do last week and beat Colorado fairly easily.  They have moved to 4-1 and could wind up having a pretty interesting South division race with ASU and USC.  That’s something I didn’t think I’d say at the beginning of the season.  This week provides a battle of the bears and I really don’t know which bear is superior.  Probably the one that’s not a statue.

This Week:  Oregon State (beat Arizona 38-35) vs. WSU (lost to Oregon 51-26)

Oregon State continues to show that they are the most improved team in the conference, and maybe the country.  I don’t think they’ll continue to win every single game but winning 9 or 10 games is definitely a possibility now.  It’s tough to win in the desert and that’s exactly what the Beavers did.  They should improve to 4-0 this week.  Wazzu played Oregon pretty tough in the first half.  The Ducks played a pretty simple defense against them and didn’t blitz often in the first half, which showed the rest of the conference what not to do.  The Cougars are improving but I don’t know if it will be enough to win another game this season.  They’re up against a stiff opponent this week.

This Week:  USC at Utah 

Both of these teams had a bye last week.  This game is on Thursday night.  Utah has been fairly bad all year and are playing well-below pre-season expectations.  Even though USC has only one loss, they are playing below expectations as well.  They have the talent that makes me think it’s only a matter of time before they get rolling but it may never happen.  They should win this week though.

Byes:  Colorado (lost to UCLA 42-14), Arizona State (beat California 27-17)

Colorado got back to their normal way of life this week after their miracle in Pullman.  That might have something to do with UCLA being a much better team than WSU.  Barring something crazy, Colorado will finish the season 1-11 and Jon Embree will join Jeff Tedford in unemployment or having toasty buns from the hot seat he’s sitting on.  Arizona State is headed in the other direction, but I do question their level of opponent.  Their defense appears to be strong but I don’t know if the offense has enough playmakers.  Time will tell.  For now, they have to be feeling good sitting at 4-1.

That’s all the match-ups.  Now, on to the good stuff after the jump!

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