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Dumpster Diving Mariners

This morning I read Geoff Baker’s blog regarding the Mariners 2011 payroll situation. Chuck Armstrong states the M’s will not reduce payroll, and Baker does a nice job listing the projected payroll of the roster this coming year. Here it is:

Ichiro 17,000,000
Milton Bradley 12,000,000
Chone Figgins 9,500,000
Felix Hernandez 10,700,000
Jack Wilson 5,000,000
David Aardsma 4,500,000 est
Franklin Gutierrez 4,312,500
Miguel Olivo 3,500,000
Jack Cust 2,500,000
Brandon League 2,500,000 est
Dustin Ackley 1,500,000
Jason Vargas 1,200,000 est
Erik Bedard 1,000,000
Brendan Ryan 1,000,000 est
Josh Wilson 700,000 est
Michael Saunders 435,000
Shawn Kelley 435,000 est
Doug Fister 435,000 est
Adam Moore 430,000 est
Justin Smoak 430,000 est
Garrett Olson 424,000 est
Matt Tuiasosopo 424,000 est
Dan Cortes 414,000 est
Cesar Jimenez 414,000 est
Josh Lueke 414,000 est
Michael Pineda 414,000 est

Carlos Silva money to Cubs — 4,500,000
Yuniesky Betancourt salary — 1,000,000

Baker points out the M’s only have about $5m left to spend to round out the roster.

I’m not going to pretend I know more about baseball than my cohorts on this blog. They may have a different view than I do, but when I look at the roster above, I am not excited at all. The Ms will be forced to find some bargains to bring in, which isn’t great news. I like some of the young guys, but seeing the salaries for so many overpaid bums really puts things in perspective. This roster is a mess, and it’s going to take a couple years to clean it up.

Let’s hope Jack Z knows how to dumpster dive.




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Your 2011 Mariners- First Base

The Mariners have 4 games left in one of the most dismal seasons in history, and no one is sad to see it go.  I haven’t watched more than an a couple innings of a game in weeks.  The outlook for 2011 isn’t much better, to be honest.  Barring an unexpected and significant payroll increase, there’s not much room in the budget for big-ticket additions.  Even if there were, it’s not a great free agent class. 

Still, the Mariners need to, and will, make serious changes to the roster.  Some of this will just be with playing their younger players more, but there will certainly be some moves and fresh faces as well.  In an effort to get ready for the offseason, I’m going to walk through each position and see what the Mariners have, for both 2011 and the future, and what they’ll be losing.  I’m not going to touch on who they might add yet.  That will come later in the offseason, if at all.  Frankly, there are very few people sufficiently smart and well-connected to project those kind of moves more than a few days out.  Consider this series of posts something of a triage: which positions are in the worst shape going into next year, and which might be okay.  It’d be too depressing to start with catcher, so we’ll look at the first basemen after the jump! Continue reading

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