Huskies Plus/Minus

Here are Plus/Minus numbers for the Huskies this season.  From what I can tell, they’re only up-to-date for Jan. 27th, so that’s about 6 games missing.  Taken from  First column is total, 2nd is net offensive, 3rd is net defensive.

Isaiah Thomas  13.7 6.8 -6.9
Scott Suggs  9.3 5.8 -3.5
Quincy Pondexter  8.9 4.3 -4.6
Matthew Bryan-Amaning  8.6 1.3 -7.3
Venoy Overton  6.3 1.9 -4.4
Justin Holiday  2.3 3.0 0.7
Clarence Trent  -3.3 4.4 7.7
Darnell Gant  -4.8 0.2 5.0
Elston Turner  -6.8 -5.0 1.9
Abdul Gaddy  -16.2 -7.5 8.7
Tyreese Breshers  -18.1 -11.3 6.8

There is of course lots going on with these numbers, because there are always four other players on the court and they depend greatly on the opponent, but they’re interesting anyway.  If anyone can find more current numbers, that’d be great.




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2 responses to “Huskies Plus/Minus

  1. Joe Loughery

    Hey, check out this website:

    I get absolutely lost in this website! A stat junkies dream!

  2. Joe Loughery

    Here is the plus/minus from the Stanford game. I was right, Gant had the highest ratio.

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