Ichiro Marathon a Ratings Hit in Japan

I was going to just add this as a comment to Matthew’s Y2010M! Ichiro! post, but decided this really needs attention, and thus requires a separate post. First off, watching Ichiro hit is a joy, and I have probably seen most of his 2,030 major league hits over his 9 years with Seattle. But in Japan, where Ichiro is a God, people take Ichiro hit watching to another level.

Realizing how much Japan loves Ichiro, a broadcast was shown in his native county from midnight to 6 am on New Year’s Day, and the show played all 2,030 hits of Ichiro’s career, one after another, for the full 6 hours. An Ichiro hit marathon, and sure enough, the show was declared a ratings success. 2,030 five to eight second clips played one after the other, and people tuned in. Was this more a reflection of the Japanese and their unending love for Ichiro? Or perhaps the alcohol from New Years played a role? Probably a little of both.

Here’s what Ichiro had to say about the 6 hour hit marathon:

“I was already asleep,” Ichiro told the newspaper, laughing. “That’s the kind of attention I strive for. As a player, you have to be of the mindset that your purpose is trying to give people a compelling reason to maintain their interest in your performance every season. We’re behooved as professional baseball players to do that. The fact that I was able to fulfill that quest to the extent that one network thought it made for compelling programming makes me very happy.”





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3 responses to “Ichiro Marathon a Ratings Hit in Japan

  1. Jessica

    Well-said Ichiro! He’s also an amazing dresser. haha Thanks!

  2. Joe Loughery

    The greatness of Ichiro cannot be understated. I think a lot of fans in this town take him for granted, and some just don’t like him. Nationally, he is looked upon very highly, yet there is this core group of fans in this town just hate the guy, always complain about something in his game that isn’t right. Someday I am going to post a rant on this blog against those types of fans in Seattle, the ones that are never happy, always nitpicking our HOF superstars. Ichiro is one of the greatest baseball players EVER. PERIOD. Let’s enjoy him while he is here, savor each game.

  3. Matthew

    Yeah, he’s the man.

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