NOT Y2010M!

Carlos Silva

Yuniesky Betancourt


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6 responses to “NOT Y2010M!

  1. Richie Sexson

    Jeff Cirillo

    Miguel Batista

  2. Joe Loughery

    Stephen Strasburg

  3. I thought I’d give you my N2010M team.

    1st Base: Richie Sexson
    2nd Base: Jose Vidro (he played a few games here)
    3rd Base: Jeff Cirillo
    SS: Yuni
    LF: Willie Bloomquist
    CF: Wladimir Balentin
    RF: Brad Wilkerson
    SP: Carlos Silva
    RP: Miguel Batista
    Manager: John McClaren

    Bill Bavasi was awful.

  4. dpscansen

    I stand by my word. If ever I run into Yuniesky, I will punch him in the face. No doubt about it.

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