Husky/Cougar Prediction Thread

I thought we should try this again.  With the Huskies and the Cougars in action tonight, post your prediction for each game in the comments.  Joe did a great preview of the Husky-*uck game earlier this week and predicted a narrow UW victory.  I’m thinking along the same lines.  I’ll take the Huskies 80-73 over the Ducks.  I think Quincy will have a good last weekend and IT might be getting hot.  (Bold predictions I know, the grass might be green and the sun might be bright.)

As for the Cougars, I think they win.  For some reason I have this thought that WSU is better than they really are and so I pick them to win a lot.  I’ll take the Cougars by 5.  Lets say 66-61 WSU.  Casto and MBA continue to be the best big men in the pac! 

Post your predictions in the comments, I imagine yours will be closer than mine!



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2 responses to “Husky/Cougar Prediction Thread

  1. Matthew

    Dawgs 73-65.
    OSU 45-38.

  2. Joe Loughery

    Great game last night, sounded awesome on the RADIO. Huge game now with the Beavs. I see UW winning this as well, we match-up great with OSU. Lower scoring, but we have too much offense for them right now. Only pitfall is it’s senior night, anything can happen in those games.

    WSU? Almost came back and beat OSU. I see Oregon winning this one though. Last game at Mac Court, Porters last game there, no way the Cougs win.

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