Most Hated Mariner

Recently we did a NOT Y2010M! post. In it, Andrew compiled an entertaining line-up of dreadful players to suit up for the M’s in the past few years. I threw up 5 times after reading it. And again just now when I pasted it…

Catcher: Miguel Olivo
1st Base: Richie Sexson
2nd Base: Jose Vidro
3rd Base: Jeff Cirillo
SS: Yuni
LF: Willie Bloomquist
CF: Wladimir Balentin
RF: Brad Wilkerson
SP: Carlos Silva
RP: Miguel Batista
Manager: John McClaren

This got me thinking, heading into 2010, with most of the bad names gone, who is your least favorite Mariner? Let’s run a poll and find out! In case you care, my vote is for Garrett Olson, who I’m sure is a nice guy and all, but good lord he is bad. Everything is between 80 and 89 mph, nothing moves too well, and he walks a lot.




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3 responses to “Most Hated Mariner

  1. Who voted for Erik Bedard?

  2. dpscansen

    Hmm, I’m not sure. But Bedard is and will always go down as the centerpiece of one of the worst Mariners trades ever. Of course this isn’t his fault. But I included him for that reason and because I know some fans hate his cold interviews and sarcasm. I could care less and I think by now it’s evident that he isn’t faking injuries either like some had thought.

  3. Joe Loughery

    Since the question technically doesn’t exclude former Mariners, I am voting for Al Martin. Worst Mariner ever, and probably the weirdest. I will always vote “Al Martin” for any “worst of” list anywhere on the web. It’s a default setting for me.

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