One Man Against the Nation

Good luck to Robert Morris in his battle against the Quinnipiac today at 4:00 for the NEC title and a birth in the NCAA tourney.  It’s a rough go for one man to face an entire Native American nation, but we don’t really know how good the Quinnipiac are at basketball, now do we?  We expect Mr. Morris to defend his honor well.  He sounds like a good guy, although the Quinnipiac sound like a nation of good guys, so who knows what’s going to happen.  Tune in to find out!




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4 responses to “One Man Against the Nation

  1. Which team will become the Pocahontas and wear the leather moccasin?

    • Matthew

      Robert Morris! And Montana. That game was ridiculous. That really was one man taking on the whole team. First great game I’ve seen of the tournament season. Good old Big Sky!

  2. I was glad to see Bob pull it off, he was a current day John Smith. I think we both said in December that Montana would make the tournament, we’re finally right about something.

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