What to Make of Tomorrow’s Game

Having finally got over the amazing victory yesterday, I thought we’d take a look at what tomorrow’s game holds.  I watched the New Mexico-Montana game last night and, to be honest, thought New Mexico looked awful.  While I hope that they look this bad on Saturday, I don’t think they will.  Every team has bad games and I’m choosing to believe that New Mexico had one. 

By looking at New Mexico’s lineup I think the Huskies match up pretty well size wise.  While yesterday’s game may not be an accurate description of the talent the Lobos have, it’s safe to say that they may have trouble going up against big centers.  Montana’s center, who is good but not great, had 26 points and 13 rebounds.  He looked like the best player on the court in yesterday’s game. With this knowledge the Dawgs’ have to look for MBA and Quincy to take advantage of New Mexico inside.  Offensive rebounding is another portion of the game in which the Huskies have an advantage. 

The Lobos star player, Darington Hobson (that’s a terrible name), sustained a sprained left wrist last night.  He will play but one has to think that this will affect him.  New Mexico goes as Hobson goes; he leads the team in points (16 ppg), rebounds (9.2 rpg) and assists (4.6 apg).  Roman Martinez will also be someone the Huskies have to look out for, he’s a very solid 3 point shooter.  Their point guard, Dairese Gary, has  an excellent assist/turnover ratio at 2.25.  We’ll see what Overton can do to disrupt that.  I’d imagine Holiday will start out on Hobson but he could also see time against Martinez with Pondexter guarding Hobson.  Their guards do have a height advantage on ours but that’s been the story all season.

New Mexico scores about 76 points per game, which is close to on par with the Huskies.  I expect a fairly high scoring game with the Huskies trying to push the pace as usual.  This is a pretty good matchup.

It makes me somewhat nervous that the experts are starting to pick the Huskies.  These guys love the underdog role and hopefully they keep playing with that mentality.  It’s easy to forget that just last week New Mexico was ranked number 8 in the country and has 30 wins on the year.  They are a very good team and it’ll be a tough task tomorrow.

I don’t want to make a prediction because I’m too superstitious for my own good but if you want to, do it in the comments below!  Have I mentioned how amazing yesterday was?  It was the most nervous I’ve ever been watching a game.  Joe did a great job of recapping the game, as did Montlake Madness.  Tomorrow should be fun, go Dawgs!




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2 responses to “What to Make of Tomorrow’s Game

  1. Will

    Assuming superb choreography from Romar, great games (again) from Turner and Holliday, iron-curtain defense from Ammaning and Overton and paramount offense from IT and Q: Washington by 5.

  2. Joe Loughery

    Assuming superb choreography from Romar: Check

    great games (again) from Turner and Holliday: Check

    iron-curtain defense from Ammaning and Overton: Check

    and paramount offense from IT and Q: Check

    Washington by 5: Nope, 18. 🙂

    Good stuff!!!

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