Huskies In a “Sweet” Group

The Huskies are back in the Sweet 16, which unless you’ve been in a coma the past week, I’m sure you know by now. In the past, Washington has yet to get through this round and crack the Elite 8, despite some mighty close calls that I’d rather not get into. Maybe this is the year, but maybe not. Either way, it has been a special year at Montlake, and a trip to the round of 16 has been accomplished for the 3rd time since ’05. That’s pretty special, but it got me wondering, just how special? In other words, what schools have notched 3 sweet 16 appearances from 2005-2010? Here is a list of the 12 teams to do so.

North Carolina (4)
Michigan State (4)
Villanova (4)
West Virginia (4)

That’s a pretty elite crowd to be in, and if not for a narrow 2 point loss to Purdue in last year’s 2nd round, Washington would be just the 5th team to have 4 trips since 2005. Nevertheless, 3 appearances from ’05-’10 is a feat that only 12 schools can brag about. This is a testament to Washington’s consistency to produce a winner, and specifically the recruiting and coaching job done by Romar. Looking at this group, it’s hard to deny that the Huskies are a top 15 program in college basketball today.




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3 responses to “Huskies In a “Sweet” Group

  1. Joe Loughery

    100% agree. I can’t believe there were fans out there who actually wanted Romar fired earlier this season when the Dawgs were struggling. Shows how brain-dead people can be…

  2. dpscansen

    Ya well even with this great run, there are still Romar haters unfortunately. Check out what this “Nelson” clown had to say in the UW-New Mexico pre-game chat with Percy Allen…

    [Comment From NelsonNelson: ]
    “The Huskies cannot have another lapse like they did last game where they went down by 15…What do you think of the cause of that was? I think its Romar. His teams always do that, and someone has to take the blame.”

    [Comment From NelsonNelson: ]
    “On college game day last night, dick vitale, digger phelps, and hubert davis all picked UW over New Mexico. The more I think about it. Getting to the sweet 16 is something most pundits thought this team was going to do at the beginning of the year. I think we need to reach the elite 8 to have a successful season.”

    [Comment From NelsonNelson: ]
    “Percy…I think we need to make the elite 8 to have this season be a success. Alot of pundits thought we were a team that could compete for the final 4 at the beginning of the year. On college game day last night, vitale, davis, and digger all picked us to beat New Mexico, but it really shouldn’t be a surprise since we were a team that was ranked number 10 this year. The sweet 16 would be nice, but if we cannot get past that, it will re affirm to me that Romar cannot win the big games. The win against Marquette was nice, but again, we were picked to be a very dominate team this year.”

    [Comment From NelsonNelson: ]
    “Percy, I will no longer read what you have to say. To say the season has been a success when we were picked to be a very dominate team proves you are way to soft. You love to cover for Romar and this team. Romar has never been able to win the big game. This team was a favorite to go go the elite 8 at the beginning of the year, and saying it has been a success with just 1 tournament win, your a joke. You need to be able to go out of the norm and call people out when they need to be called out. This team was expected to do this. If they lose today, Romar should be fired. This was a team ranked as high as 10 at the beginning of the year for a reason.”

  3. Joe Loughery

    The problem with this idiot is that he believes the polls, which immediately disqualifies him to talk about anything in reality, because the polls exist in fantasy land. College polls are done sometimes by the AD, and many times by his assistants who just put names down on paper. Should Roy Williams be fired? UNC wins the national title, ranked in the top 3 this year and they are playing in the NIT. Romar doesn’t win big games? Huh?

    It’s the curse of the internet: complete fools can say whatever they want behind a keyboard in front of a screen in their parent’s basement.

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