Saturday Night Notes

Just a few links and notes that I wanted to post tonight.  I will do this by using bullet points because I find bullet points useful.  (I often wonder how some things get their name.  Why table or chair?  Sometimes these names come from other languages.  But, it always cracks me up when titles are very logical.  I can picture the guy who made the first bullet point thinking, “What should I call that?”  His mind then wanders to what objects the bullet point looks like.  He thinks, “Well, that little black dot looks a lot like a bullet and it’s pointing out what I have to say.”  Leaping from his chair he (or she) exclaims, “I’ll call it a bullet point!”  I’m sorry if you read this.  Really sorry.)

  • Milton Bradley left todays game with tightness in his right quad.  I was watching when this happened and it really didn’t seem too serious.  I hope it’s not because losing him for the month of April might be worse than losing Cliff Lee.
  • I couldn’t make it to the Huskies 3rd spring practice today because I was at home in Yakima.  Here’s a link to Bob Condotta’s report.  The most serious thing of note seemed to be a few minor hamstring injuries to Jordan Polk and D’Andre Goodwin.  Neither injury sound too serious but hamstring injuries can stick around sometimes. 
  • Go Butler!  The final four wasn’t/isn’t very exciting to me this year but I’d like to see Butler win for two reasons.  One being that they are Butler and a cool underdog.  The other reason being that they’re playing Duke. 
  • This coming week might be the best week of the year in sports.  Baseball starts Sunday with the Yankees and Red Sox, the Mariners open their season on Monday, the national championship is on Monday, and the Masters start on Thursday.  Not to mention Husky spring practice continues.  It’s a very good week to be a sports fan.
  • With the Mariners starting this week the blog may start to look a little different.  We plan on doing game recaps after each game.  So, combine those with the Husky practice reports and you have a good amount of posts.  I’m sure we’ll post other things besides this but expect to see lots of those.
  • Lots of good stuff leading up to the Mariners first game.  Lookout Landing has some great looks at our division rivals.  USS Mariner has this great look at the Mariners lineup.  Seattle Sports Insider also has lots of Mariner coverage leading up to opening day.  I could link Geoff Baker’s post about how he thinks the Mariners are no better than a 3rd place team right now or I could link his post about how Edgar shouldn’t be in the hall of fame or I could link one of his numerous posts about Canada or I could link his post about all of his sources telling him that the Mariners were going hard after Jason Bay even though USSMariner basically proved it wasn’t true.  I could link these but I didn’t agree with any of them and Baker drives me crazy.  I will end this rant now.

Thanks for reading, as always! Happy Easter.



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