The Good Guy’s 2010 MLB Predictions

More predictions after the jump!

Here are 5 additional predictions from each Good Guy:

-Number of pies that will be shoved in faces in the Mariners clubhouse this year: 126
-ALCS: Yankees over the Mariners; NLCS: Cardinals over the Phillies
-Adrian Beltre will hit 30+ home runs
-Rafael Soriano will lead the league in saves (or at least top 3)
-Miguel Batista will have more walks than strike outs

-Felix will win 20+ games this year
-Tim Lincecum will fall into the Steve Nash trap. He’ll have his best year this season, but the media just won’t give him three in a row, thus Halladay gets the award by default
-Boston will NOT make the playoffs, but the Rays WILL make a playoff run
-The Mariners will win the 2nd most wins in franchise history (94)
-Despite leading the league in ejections and post-game fines, Ozzie Guillen will win Manager of the year for leading the White Sox to a division title

-One of the big two (Boston and NYY) miss the playoffs, probably Boston
-The Twins will lose Mauer or Morneau for a good chunk of time but still win the central
-Stephen Strasburg will be inconsistent when called up in June but will show nothing to bring down his expectations. He and Heyward will be the best pair of rookies in a league in a long time
-Roy Halladay will have a rough month or two before coming back to win the Cy Young, and injuries will keep the Phillies from being quite as good as expected.
-The Mariners won’t be as good as hoped for, but won’t fall apart either. Two hitters will be added at some point, with one of them being a middle of the order, Adrian Gonzalez type, even if it’s not him. However, It still won’t be quite enough to beat the Angels and their deep rotation

-Carlos Silva will not be a Chicago Cub by August. He won’t be a Mariner either
-Things will get awkward around July when Griffey, Jr. is batting .210
-Carlos Triunfel will be traded in whatever deal is made to land another bat
-Ron Washington and/or Bob Geren will get fired at some point this year
-Instant replay will be expanded beyond close call home runs prior to the playoffs



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One response to “The Good Guy’s 2010 MLB Predictions

  1. Joe Loughery

    Just for the record, I do think Jason Heyward will win the NL ROY. When I did my predictions, it was a while ago and I really liked Posey (still do, if Molina gets hurt, I think Posey steps right in from triple-A…), but seeing that Heyward is actually in the majors now, I think it’s his to lose…

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