Series Preview- M’s vs. Detriot Tigers 4/16-4/18

Detroit is 6-3 on the year, while the Mariners are 4-6 and on a two game winning streak.  It’d be great to win these next two series at home and be back to at least .500.  I don’t know much about the Tigers, so let’s learn together!

Who’d You Rather Have (tonight’s line-ups from

C: M’s Rob Johnson    Tigers Gerald Laird  Pick: Laird  It’s going to take someone pretty bad for me to pick Johnson, although I’m beginning to be hopeful that he could conceivably improve someday.

1B: M’s Casey Kotchman    Tigers Miguel Cabrera  Pick: Cabrera

2B: M’s Figgins    Tigers Scott Sizemore  Pick: Figgins

3B: M’s Lopez    Tigers Brandon Inge  Pick: Lopez, I guess.

SS: M’s Wilson    Tigers Adam Everett  Pick: Wow, rough time for shortstops.  I guess Everett. He’s hitting better right now, I guess, and they’re pretty even in glove reputation.

LF: M’s Bradley    Tigers Johnny Damon  Pick: Bradley

CF: M’s Guti    Tigers Austin Jackson  Pick: Guti

RF: M’s Ichiro    Tigers Magglio Ordonez  Pick: Ichiro

DH: M’s Griffey    Tigers Carlos Guillen  Pick: Guillen

That’s Mariners 5, Tigers 4, and they look that even too.  Tigers have a few more big boppers.  Well, they have Miguel Cabrera.  On to pitching!


Friday: M’s Felix    Tigers Bonderman  Pick: Felix

Saturday: M’s Ryan Rowland-Smith    Tigers Justin Verlander  Pick: Verlander That’s two of the very best starters in the league back to back, if you didn’t notice. 

Sunday: M’s Ian Snell    Tigers Max Scherzer  Pick: Scherzer, but that’s mostly for the future.  I have no idea how either of these guys will throw on Sunday.

Closer: M’s Aardsma    Tigers Jose Valverde  Pick: Aardsma

That’s two and two on the pitching, and I’d say it’s a wash for this series.  Felix and Verlander will have to be really off to get beat, and anything could happen on Sunday.  I like the way the bullpen’s throwing for the M’s right now.  Andrew will be at tonight’s game and then have the recap afterward.  Have a great weekend everyone!




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2 responses to “Series Preview- M’s vs. Detriot Tigers 4/16-4/18

  1. Joe Loughery

    I agree with most your picks. The only one that is tough is Inge or Lopez. I like Inge’s defense, he is amazing over there, but I think Lopez can hold his own. Both guys are free swingers at the plate. Home town love to Lopez, but I would probably take Inge…

    Should be a fun series!!

    • Matthew

      Yeah, I could go either way there. I think Lopez will be pretty solid with the glove, and he’s a tiny bit better overall offensively. Not much difference though.

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