Huskies Practice Report – 4/22/2010

With a 4,000 word paper looming and little to report, this report will be very brief but I have a few notes. 

  • The team was in shells today (helmets, shoulder pads, and shorts).  There was still plenty of hitting.  In fact, Nate Fellner got in trouble for hitting too hard at one point.  After laying out Deontae Cooper in pass protection Nick Holt pulled him aside and told him that wasn’t quite necessary.  That guy can really hit and I’d be surprised if he wasn’t the starting free safety next year at this point.
  • The quarterbacks all seemed a little off through the first part of practice.  Even Jake was struggling at first but they all seemed to get going after a while.  They each had their moments.  Nick Montana has said to have a little bit of a weaker arm and I could see that a little bit today.  It’s nothing a little time in the weight room couldn’t fix.
  • To end the practice the starters went up against each other in a 2 minute drill, followed by the backups.  Then, they each had an overtime session.  The first team offense moved the ball down the field with ease but then was held up at the 10 yard line.  They did score in overtime.  The second team offense was stopped both times.
  • One of the plays of the day was made by Anthony Boyles in that 2 minute drill with the starters.  Jermaine Kearse had appeared to find a hole in the zone that was in the corner of the end zone.  Boyles raced back and jumped as high as he could to knock the ball away at the last second.  When Boyles is out there playing and not thinking it’s easy to see why he was rated so highly coming out of high school.  He is a great athlete.
  • James Johnson continues to come on strong to end this spring.  He’s had a very good last few practices.
  • Jesse Callier was out today and had brace going up one of his legs.  I don’t know how serious it is but hopefully he’s back by the spring game.
  • I imagine the Dawgs will do a good share of scrimmaging on Saturday.  Practice starts at 11 so come out and enjoy.

That’s all for today!  Thanks for reading!



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