Series Preview- M’s vs. White Sox 4/23-4/25

While picked by some to win the AL Central, the White Sox are struggling so far, at 5-11.  They’re not hitting, and not pitching terribly well either.  With Mariners teams of old, this would be the time when our starters would fall apart and the White Sox would get hot all at the same time, and we’d get swept.  I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I guess we’ll consider this a minor litmus test.

Who’d You Rather Have

(As usual, tonight’s line-ups, with my pick between the two players in BOLD)

C:  M’s Rob Johnson    CWS Donny Lucy.  I have never heard of Donny Lucy in my life.  Pierzynski is the usual guy, but I’m not sure I’d even take him over Ro-Jo, which is saying something.

1B:  M’s  Casey Kotchman    CWS Paul Konerko.  I guess this one’s kind of close, right this second.  Konerko has 5 home runs, which is nice, but Kotchman has 3 and is hitting a little better overall.  Actually, they’re both decent so far, but I’ll take Kotchy for his glove and left-handedness.  Check again in two months.

2B:  M’s Chone Figgins    CWS Gordon Beckham.  Ooh boy.  This is tough.  Love Beckham, but he’s off to a slow start.  Sophomore slump?

3B:  M’s Jose Lopez    CWS Jayson Nix

SS:  M’s Jack Wilson    CWS Alexei Ramirez.  Going past this series, I’d think about Ramirez, but right now I love Jack’s glove and he somehow has a hot bat.

LF:  M’s Eric Byrnes    CWS Andruw Jones. Good year so far for Jones.  I’d take Bradley over him though.  Hopefully he’s back tomorrow.

CF:  M’s Franklin Gutierrez    CWS Alexis Rios

RF:  M’s Ichiro    CWS Carlos Quentin

DH:  M’s Griffey    CWS Juan Pierre.  Wow.  I mean, really, wow.  This has to be the worst DH matchup ever. 

I feel like a homer but that’s 8-1 Mariners.  Catcher and short are close to toss-ups, but Chicago has a mediocre line up that’s not hitting at all yet.  I like Quentin and Beckham, but not better than Figgy and Ichi. 

Pitching Match-ups

Friday:  M’s RRS    CWS Gavin Floyd.  I’m not actually crazy about either of these guys.  RRS is throwing a little better so far.

Saturday:  M’s Doug Fister   CWS Freddy Garcia.  I have no idea what to expect out of Freddy, but oh, the memories!

Sunday:  M’s Jason Vargas    CWS John Danks.  Matchup of young lefties.  Unfortunately, there’s is a lot better than ours.

Closer:  M’s David Aardsma    CWS J. J. Putz.  Both have been okay this year.  Aardsma’s been a little better, and was better last year. Again, oh, the memories!

3-1 M’s on the pitching, but our starters are a bad outing away from changing that in a hurry. 

I’m not totally confident in this team yet, but the White Sox don’t really scare me either.  I think the M’s win the series, but don’t sweep.  Everybody have a good weekend!




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3 responses to “Series Preview- M’s vs. White Sox 4/23-4/25

    • Matthew

      Right. I was in a hurry and obviously not paying very good attention. I also missed that Adam Moore started last night. I’d probably still take Aardsma over Jenks. Not a Bobby Jenks fan.

  1. Bobby Jenks isn’t a fan of you either.

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