Series Preview- M’s vs. Angels 5/7-5/9

It seems strange to be playing the Angels for the first time in May, but we’re definitely catching them at the right time.  Or at as close to the right time as this Mariner team will ever get.  There’s no point in writing anymore, so on with the preview!

Who Would You Rather Have?

(Picks in bold. Line-ups are for tonight.)

C:  M’s Rob Johnson vs. LAA Ryan Budde.  I know nothing about Ryan Budde.  He’s 1 for 3 on the year.  He’s older than I am, so I’m guessing he’s either a journeyman or an organizational guy.  This pick is more based on Mike Napoli, who I’m guessing will be catching the other games.  I still might take Budde over Ro-Jo on name alone.  It’s always good to have a Budde.

1B: M’s Kotchman vs. LAA Kendry Morales

2B: M’s Figgins vs. LAA Howie Kendrick.  This one’s pretty close to a toss-up.  Kendrick has been a little better so far.

3B: M’s Lopez vs. LAA Brandon Wood. A battle of disappointing third basemen.  Wood’s been even worse than Lopez.

SS:  M’s Josh Wilson vs. LAA Erick Aybar. Aybar’s been disappointing too, but come on, it’s Josh Wilson.

LF:  M’s Michael Saunders vs. LAA Juan Rivera.  Saunders makes his 2010 debut.  If this were another team, he’d continue his 5-game hot streak in the minors.  With the Mariners, he’ll probably strike out four times.

CF:  M’s Guti vs. LAA Torii Hunter

RF:  M’s Ichiro vs. LAA Bobby Abreu

DH:  M’s Griffey vs. LAA Hideki Matsui

That’s 6-3 Angels, but they’re not hitting well right now either.  That’s a pretty scary in a bad way line-up for the M’s, though.

Pitching Match-ups

Saturday:  M’s Felix vs. LAA Jered Weaver

Saturday:  M’s Fister vs. LAA Joe Saunders

Sunday:  M’s Vargas vs. LAA Ervin Santana

Closer:  M’s Aardsma vs. LAA Fernando Rodney.  Whatever.

Sweep for the Mariners in pitching.  If only it were that easy on the field. 

Go Mariners!  Believe big!



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