Game Recap – 5/14

I didn’t see all of the game and have another post in the works so this recap will be fairly short. 

By all accounts, this was a nice win for the Mariners.  There was solid pitching all the way around and the power surge continued with another 3 home runs tonight. 

Cy Young, err, I mean Doug Fister started tonight and wasn’t as sharp as he’s been lately.  With that being said, Fister pitched 5 innings of 1-run ball and got the win.  The one run that did score, scored on a balk.  The Fistinator walked 3 guys which is way more than normal, but minimized the damage with quality pitches on the corner.  Fister has probably been my favorite part of this season which is really weird.

The M’s scored in the first inning on a 2-run Guti bomb.  He crushed that ball.  They then would play add on with solo shots by Adam Moore and Mike Sweeney.  If you aren’t keeping track, that is Mike Sweeney’s second homer in as many days.  Yesterday before the game started, I laughed at my mom when she said that Sweeney might hit a home run.  Always listen to your mom I guess.

The bullpen shut down the Rays for the most part.  K Tex came in and threw 2 shutout innings and made everyone think, “Maybe this guy should pitch a little more.”  Shawn Kelley gave up a 2-run homer to Longoria but it was a decent pitch and it was Longoria.  That guy is so good.  Aardsma pitched a perfect 9th for the save.

Now for the hero and goat:

Hero:  Mike Sweeney.  There were a lot of guys who could have been the hero tonight but I’m going with Mike.  I’m not picking Sween-dawg because he hit a home run but because he stole a base.  I couldn’t believe Sween-dawg stole a base.  That was his first stolen base in 4 years.  Oh yeah, he’s itting the ball pretty well too.

Goat:  Casey Kotchman.  I didn’t watch all of the game and Kotchman was the “biggest suckfest” on Lookout Landing so I’ll give it to him.

That was a fun game.  Hopefully the rest of this weekend brings a few more wins.  Go M’s!



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  1. Joe Loughery

    After the game Jenn Mueller interviewed Sweeney and asked him why the Mariners all of the sudden are powerful hitting home runs. With a dead serious straight face, he answered “It’s our collective love for Ken Griffey Jr.”. It was as if Griffey died and was martyred. Sweeney was dead serious. Mueller had no idea what to say next. Probably the oddest post game interview ever, and I loved every second of it. Sweeney is nuts, in a strange sort of way. Hey, I could care less what these clowns do, just win.

    Agree on the goat, Kotchman was terrible. Ichiro, yet again, had 3 hits and is now batting .356. The man is one of the greatest hitters of all time. What a joy to watch him hit…

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