Game Recap – 5/18

  • Terrance Jones will sign a LOI tomorrow, hopefully with UW.
  • There may be some good Husky football recruiting news tomorrow.  It seemed like Sark was hinting at that on his twitter.
  • The Lost series finale is on Sunday.  This is good news if you like Lost because it will be awesome.  This is good news if you don’t like Lost because you won’t have to hear about it everytime you turn on the TV after Sunday.  It’s a win-win if you will.
  • Sasquatch! Music Festival is almost here!  That will be a good time for those involved.
  • The World Cup commercials are awesome.  Probably more awesome than the actual World Cup will be.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the World Cup.  I just really enjoy the commercials.

So, now get off the ledge and hang in there.  At least get off the ledge until the Mariners lose another game like this…. That will probably be tomorrow.  

Hero:  Casey Kotchman.  The lineup wasn’t too bad tonight.  There were lots to choose from and if Rob Johnson hadn’t had a dumb base-running mistake, learned how to move his feet and blocked a ball, and didn’t suck I might have choose him. 

Goat:  Kanekoa Texeira.  I don’t know, this seems right.  He faced two guys and let them both on base before getting pulled.  None of the pitchers were very good tonight.

Dear Football, please come fast.



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One response to “Game Recap – 5/18

  1. Brandon

    I’m not sure, but these games in the final innings just get be stressed! This was the 12th game this year in which we were in the lead or tied going into the 8th and we found a way to lose. Correct me if i’m wrong, but this is the 4th game like this in a week. Its getting pretty bad.

    What are some suggestions that the M’s can do to overcome this hurdle?

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