M’s Win! M’s Win!

Hey Now!!

Great comeback victory today by the Mariners. They take two in a row from the Tigers, a very good team. Doug Fister and Jason Vargas, yet again, bulldog through innings and help the M’s stay in the games. Mike Sweeney at 1B? Hey, whatever works to get his bat in there, a home run today. Saunders and Wilson come through with clutch hits as well, and The DA slams the door. I feel really good about these wins, let’s get something going fellas!

Break up the Mariners!! Hugs all around!! Shaving cream pies!! The fans demand a winner, they get a winner!!*


*In reference to the discussion yesterday on KJR regarding Mariner fans being too soft and not demanding a winner. Well, immediately after that verbal tirade, the M’s play two of their better games all year. I see a connection…


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