Wrapping up the Day

I’m exhausted.  At 4 o’clock today I was headed back from a movie with my brother and it was just a normal day.  Now, it’s close to midnight and one of the most mentally draining baseball days I can remember.  I know, getting wrapped up in sports to the point where it makes you tired could be considered dumb.  I’m sure that’s what my mother, and countless other humans, would say but sports do that to me.  The day Locker decided to stay and Lee rumors started to fly was tiring.  The Huskies basketball team was exhausting for many reasons all year.  And it’s hard for me to come away from a home Husky football game without being a little drained.  This day may have trumped all of those experiences though.  Lets take a look at what all happened:

  • At 4:22 UW recruit, Cody Kessler, committed to USC.  He is a highly rated quarterback and it wasn’t very surprising to see him pick the Trojans.  He was a USC guy all the way and it’s nice to see kids go with the school they’ve always dreamed of going to.  It would have been nice to have him but, oh well.
  • At 4:36 I received a text from Joe that read, “Just read that Griffey is retiring today.”  Confirmation came a few minutes later. 
  • Around 5:30 I watched Armando Galarraga get screwed.
  • At 6 I watched the Top 10 Griffey Moments on FSN.  I’d seen this several times but, needless to say, this time was different.  This time I knew there wouldn’t be any moments to add to this list.
  • At 6:30 I watched That 70’s Show.  It’s the greatest show ever and was needed to take the edge off.
  • At 7:00 I turned on the Mariners and watched them win their first extra-inning game of the season. 

That’s a busy schedule and I think a justifiable reason for the exhaustion (along with still being tired from Sasquatch! Music Festival). 

Thoughts on these events after the jump.


I already wrote a little about Griffey so I’ll keep these thoughts short and leave it to another good guy to write the Griffey Ode. I wrote one as one of my first posts on this blog.  As I’ve said before, Griffey is my favorite player ever.  With that being said, my initial reaction to this news was excitement.  The hall-of-famer was not helping this team, and this team obviously needs all the help it can get.  But the more I thought about it the more sad I became.  This all led to several watery-eye moments.  The first one of these was during that video they showed before the game.  More of those moments followed at the end of the game.

Galarraga and Umpires:

As for Galarraga, I feel bad for everyone involved.  I had no real interest in that game but, as a fan, you always want to see history.  The Austin Jackson catch to lead off the 9th drew exclamations from both Matthew and me.  We were both fairly excited.  Then came the infamous 27th out that was called safe.  I still can’t believe he called him safe.  I was angry.  Joyce has done everything right since that call.  He apologized and admitted he got it wrong.  He’s human and he makes mistakes.  The fault of this isn’t on Joyce, it’s on major league baseball.  Instant replay needs to be part of this game and, after today, I don’t know how anyone can argue otherwise. 

There are purists who disagree with that.  The ‘human element’ to the game cost a pitcher, what I would call one of the purest feats in all of baseball, a perfect game.  Leave the ‘human element’ of this game to the players involved.  Instant replay should have been in long before this game.  Now, Galarraga doesn’t have his name in the record books and Joyce becomes one of baseballs villains despite having a long, successful career as an ump.  It’s really a shame.

Mariner Game:

Now, for the game.  I’ll go bullet points here! 

  • Another brilliant start for Lee.  Too bad he didn’t get the win, he is fantastic.  I can’t think of a pitcher I’d rather watch.  Felix is my favorite but Cliff is simply amazing.  No matter where he ends up, I’ll always be a fan of his. (Yes, even the Yankees and Red Sox).
  • Rob Johnson is terrible.  This was documented at Lookout Landing but his passed ball in the 9th inning lowered our win expectancy by 7%.  We were 7% less likely to win a game because Rob Johnson doesn’t know how to catch a frickin’ ball.  He’s terrible.  He was later pinch-hit for by Alfonzo, who despite his mini hot-streak is still minor league journeyman.  Wak is tired of Johnson.  Unfortunately, he’s not as sick of him as I am.  It’s getting to a Yuni type of hate.  Maybe worse.  I can’t even call him by any of his nicknames because he makes me so angry.  I’m done now.
  • Langerhans should have pinch-hit instead of Alfonzo.  Usually I’m not very upset about in-game decisions by Wak, but this was a bad one.  Alfonzo is a cool guy though so all is forgiven.
  • The Mariners won on a blown call.  No, this doesn’t change my paragraph above on instant replay but this was somewhat satisfying.  The Mariners haven’t really a caught a break this year and they finally got one. 
  • It seemed as if the Mariners were destined to win this game all along.  This is ironic since I saw Prince of Persia today which was all about destiny.  Thankfully, the game was better than the movie.
  • That was as animated as I’ve ever seen Ichiro.  No doubt that he is struggling with the departure of Jr.  Griffey was his best friend on the team and I’m sure he’s sad to see him go.  I imagine that celebration was a mixture of excitement and pent-up emotion from the day.  I love you Ichiro.
  • Ichiro’s celebration led to Bradley’s interview and that’s when a few more tears came.  Milton sniffled and stumbled his way through what was one of the most real post-game interviews I’ve ever seen.  If anyone thinks Bradley doesn’t care about his teammates then you should watch that.  Bradley has become one of my favorite players in baseball and that interview envelops the reasons why. 

So, now I’m sitting here watching the 2009 season finale on FSN.  I’m realizing how much I miss Adrian Beltre in a Mariner uniform and watching Griffey get carried around the field by his teammates.  I’m also laughing at Carlos Silva and Miguel Batista.  Maybe I’ll turn on the Sandlot because the phrase, “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die” seems to be spot on right now.  Or maybe I’ll just fall asleep because, frankly, this day has been exhausting.



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