Delmon Young

If you took Delmon Young’s 30 RBI’s from the month of July, he would end up 4th on the Mariners in season leaders in RBI’s. Jose Lopez and Guti have 42 RBI’s each. Casey Kotchman has 32 RBI’s.
Delmon Young drove in as many runs in July as the Mariners have scored in the last 9 games. The Mariners have only scored 35 runs in the last 13 games.
My goodness. In other news…. Sean White!



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4 responses to “Delmon Young

  1. dpscansen

    I vaguely remember all of us good guys talking about the Mariners’ offensive woes back in April and May, and we all kind of agreed it could only get better. The law of averages, slow starts, and all that early season weirdness seemed like good reasons for thinking things would get better. It really hasn’t. This offense is just as bad and there are numerous, ridiculous stats, (like this Delmon Young post) that can’t be ignored. We may be watching the worst team in baseball, or at the very least, the worst offense.

    Jeff Sullivan disagrees. I’m not sure, I think some players don’t care or have a lack of focus (Figgins and Lopez are who come to mind) but I don’t see that with anyone else on the team. I think most of them are playing hard, they just suck.
    At what point do we start hoping they lose more and more for the top draft pick?

    • Matthew

      I’m already hoping that. Anthony Rendon in starting at third sounds pretty great.

      Is it better to have a team that doesn’t care or is just this bad while caring?

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