Jenkins Picks Washington!

Five star tight end, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, just committed to the Huskies.  He’s from Gig Harbor and is the biggest name so far in this Husky class.  This is the first five-star recruit who has committed in quite a while!  If the Cooper news made you sad, let this cheer you up!  Go Dawgs!  Now, on to Kasen!


Update:  Here’s a quote from ASJ to get us all fired up.  I usually don’t get too excited about quote but it was hard not to here:

“I committed to UW because it was the right fit. I think it is the number one program in the country and is rising. There are great coaches, people and players.”

“It was to build hype for UW, said Seferian-Jenkins. No matter what school I went to, no matter what they did or how they did it, it didn’t change how I felt. Washington is the best school in the country. I chose them over everyone in the country. I’m ready to get some roses for Washington and UW fans.”

“I have been talking to a lot of the guys I met over the summer…I have a lot of them lined up. This is going to be a great class.”

“I feel Washington has the best coaching staff in the country, no doubt about it,” said Seferian-Jenkins. “That’s why great players are coming and more players are there already.”


“I have a lot of them lined up” makes me wonder what’s to come.  This could be the best recruiting class in Husky history.  We’ll see!


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