Good Guy’s Husky Predictions: Week One

It’s almost here!  It was hard to focus during my first week of classes and I’m a little tired of having dreams about this game.  So, gather ’round everyone and read what the Good Guys have to say.  We’ll probably be wrong on numerous occasions this year but here’s to hoping we aren’t wrong this week!  On to the predictions:


I have a hard time believing that the Huskies are going to lose this game. If it were being played at Husky Stadium, I don’t see any way they wouldn’t be the overwhelming favorite, but two years without a road win is certainly a neutralizing force. Here’s betting they overcome in Provo. Outside of a big offensive line (although all I’ve seen about the line is that it’s big, not necessarily good), BYU is full of question marks on offense. That should help a young but promising Husky defense find itself in time to support an offense that could run all over the field against the Cougars. For all the BYU talk this week about being better prepared for a running quarterback, they won’t be able to keep up with Locker. My feeling is that the gap between the teams is much more than Locker, but either way, I see the Huskies getting their first of two wins over Cougars this year.
UW 34, BYU 20


The last time UW played at BYU was Rick Neuheisel’s first game coaching the Dawgs. I remember sitting in Red Robin watching Kevin Feterik pass for 500 yards as BYU hung on to beat the Huskies in a thriller. Weird stuff happens at BYU. Maybe its the Mormon voodoo, or the high elevation, or the players there who leave for 2 year missions and then re-appear on the roster. At any rate, BYU games scare me. But the Cougars lost a ton from last years team, especially on offense. It’s a rebuilding year in Provo, and while Jake Heaps is a load of talent, I’m not too scared facing him in his first collegiate game. The Huskies desperately need a road win to jump-start the year, and they will be ready in Provo on Saturday. Too many question marks and a patch-work defense for the Cougars have me picking UW.
Huskies-27, Cougars-21


I remember sending out a text 220 days ago that said, “221 days until the first Husky game.”  Needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to this game for quite a while.  But how will it play out?  I’ve been trying to figure that out for a month and am still not too sure.  The Huskies seem to have more talent than their opponents but BYU has a proven coach and a homefield advantage.  They also have an offensive line that scares me a little bit.  Fortunately, I just don’t think that’s enough.  Starting new skill players all over the place against the fastest Husky team in at least 7 years.  Jake Locker will be the star throughout the season, but I think Chris Polk will be the guy tomorrow.  Against an unproven Cougar front seven, Polk could run all over the place.  Expect BYU to pack the box and make Jake beat them over the top.  Fortunately, Jake and his array of receivers can do that.  Man, this offense could be amazing.  I think the Huskies will prove to be just too much for BYU.  I sure hope so, or this 3 day weekend will see me laying in bed, upset for a little longer than usual on Sunday.
UW-31, BYU-20


I think the road woes end here.  I know it’s tremendously easy to say the Huskies have Locker and BYU doesn’t, but I think it’s that simple.  Jake is a 5th year senior with other worldly leadership and athletic skills.  He’s the best football player on the field.  He also, by the way, has eight other returning starters on offense that will allow the Dawgs to control the ball.  In the air with Jake and the talented WR’s, and on the ground with Chris Polk.  I think Washigton will win the time of possession battle, and they will minimize turnovers, winning that battle as well.  Defensively, I think the Huskies will surprise.  They may not be the most talented bunch, but they will play hard, and will be disciplined, being in Coach Holt’s system for two years now.  I think BYU’s plan to play two different QB’s will be an advantage for the Huskies defense.  Look for the Dawgs to blitz and hide coverage schemes a lot to confuse the two inexperienced Cougar play-callers.  I also think the Huskies have the kicking advantage as well.  High altitude and Folk kicking could be the x-factor late in this game.  The only reason this game is close is the home field advantage.  If this game is at Husky Stadium, I would not be this generous to BYU.
31-24 UW wins.

There you have it!  Post your predictions in the comments for this game or any other pac-10 game.  GO HUSKIES!

The Good Guys


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