Felix will win the Cy Young

So Felix Hernandez goes 8 innings, gives up 2 hits, one run, a HR to league leader Jose Bautista. No shame in that. Problem is the Mariners continue their epic fail of a season and score exactly zero runs for Felix, yet again. I have never heard of a pitcher who gets less support from his teammates. The man continually goes out there week after week, throws quality game after quality game, never complains except when they pull him early, and plays with fire and intensity. Felix is my hero.

Will he win the Cy Young? He will. I guarantee it. The sympathy vote. Enough national writers know about how terrible the Mariners offense is, today was a prime example. If Felix plays for the Yankess he has 23 wins right now, maybe more, and is literally the king of NYC. It’s impressive how he can get himself up for games that mean nothing and considering the Mariners have been playing meaningless games since April, it’s amazing. Statistically it’s an easy choice, the win-loss record that may be his downfall, but pitchers have almost no control over that. Every category he has control over he is dominating.

Could Seattle be home to a Cy Young winner with a sub .500 record, and an NFL division winner with the same? Could happen. Only in Seattle.



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