Husky Predictions

I’m sorry I didn’t get to a scouting report this week.  It’s been a little busy.  I’ll get back on schedule this week.  On to the predictions!

Joe’s Prediction:

I think this game will be close, ultimately the Huskies win.  I think the Dawgs, at least offensively, turned the corner verses USC.  Locker, Polk, Callier, Kearse, all played well.  The offensive line played well.  The kicking game was vastly improved.  Except for one return, the kick coverage was solid.  Obviously, defensively, the Huskies are terrible in many ways.  ASU has a solid running game, so I expect this to be a high scoring affair.  The reason, ultimately, why I like the Dawgs is because they have more to play for.  I think the Dawgs know this is a must win.  The time of ups and downs is over, they must win against ASU and they must win next week against the Beavers.  I believe they will step up to the challenge.  No excuses.  Defend your home field.  A lot of people are picking ASU to win this game.  Not me.
UW 35 – ASU 31

Matthew’s Prediction:

I’m coming to realize that nearly every Husky game will be hard to predict this year. The hope is that the Huskies found themselves last week, and everything kind of clicked into place, leading to a strong showing and fairly easy win against ASU. That could happen. They could also come out and be terrible and get beat fairly easily. I’m betting more on the former, which along with the Sun Devils killing themselves in the foot again, should mean the Dawgs third win of the year. ASU scares me a bit, but if the Huskies are going to make a bowl, this is a game they need to handle. I’m also predicting a better defensive showing. I don’t know why, but I’m sticking with it!
UW 38 ASU 27

Dan’s Prediction:

Heading into the season, I had practically already penciled in a W for this game. But the Pac-10 is deeper than I had expected, and ASU is no gimmie. In fact, the Huskies have a lot going against them in this game. For starters, you get the feeling ASU is on the verge of a big statement game. Steven Threet has thrown 7 picks in the past 2 games, but the Washinton D has just 1 INT on the season, so Threet may get away with a little more than usual. ASU also has the best return game in the conference, while UW has awful special teams coverage. Lewis and Marshall are formidable in the run game too. So while this reaks of a trap game for UW, I trust that Sark and staff will have the Dawgs in top form for tomorrow’s night game. The offense is beginning to click, and if the D can force a couple turnovers, and not give up anything big on special teams, the Huskies should win. There is the possibility of a letdown following last week’s emotional win, but I think UW realizes how important this game, plus there is the extra incentive of having lost the heartbreaker in Tempe last year, and also having been embarrased in its last home game 3 weeks ago.
Huskies-34, Sun Devils-28

Andrew’s Prediction:

I can’t wait for the Wazzu game because then I’ll actually feel good about my prediction.  As for this week, it’s another guess.  Arizona State scares me, they have a defense that should break out and an offense that moves the ball.  Their running back, Lewis, has rushed for over 100 yards in the last 3 games.  He could rush for 200 today if our defense plays like they did last week.  That being said, Arizona State’s offensive line isn’t near as good as USC.  I think the key to this game is turnovers.  Arizona State is very turnover-prone and the Husky defense doesn’t cause many turnovers.  Burfict not starting for the Sun Devils is a good break, but he’ll play quite a bit.  I really have no idea who’s going to win.  Since I picked USC last week, and the Huskies won, I’ll pick ASU this week and hope for the same result.  Good reasoning, I know.
ASU – 31, UW – 28

Go Dawgs!


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