Eric Wedge to be named Mariners manager is reporting the Mariners will hire former Indians skipper Eric Wedge. I am not too excited about this move. Wedge is another “yes-man” able to do what the upper management says. The problem with this franchise is Lincoln and Armstrong. With those two dinosaurs running things, the M’s don’t have a chance. Yawn.

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3 responses to “Eric Wedge to be named Mariners manager

  1. Matthew

    Who would you have picked?

  2. Joe Loughery

    I actually liked Bobby V. I know he was a risk, the man has a huge ego, but I like the idea of a manager with some stones willing to say his opinion to upper management. Ever since Lou we’ve had milquetoast. The more I read of Wedge the better I feel. I wrote this post the other day when I was feeling especially down about my M’s. :-/ I feel better today, but I am going to take a wait and see approach with Wedge. Obviously I hope the guy is here for a decade and we win a World Series. Watching the Fall Classic year after year with the M’s not in it is depressing, I want some playoff baseball in this town!

    • Matthew

      Yeah, I get you. I just want someone who has winning as their first priority, and Valentine seemed liked the closest to that guy. I wouldn’t have wanted to give him control in personnel matters, though. Sounds like that was a sticking point. For most managers, I think it just depends on how they mesh with the team, and there’s no way to know on that. I like Wedge fine, but I wouldn’t be surprised by any results he has.

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