MLB Poll


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2 responses to “MLB Poll

  1. dpscansen

    I may be in the minority, but I am absolutely in favor of expanding the MLB playoffs. Personally, I think the three worst things about baseball are 1) length of games, especially when it’s NYY vs. Boston 2) Only 8 teams in playoffs 3) 5 game series in ALDS

    The NFL’s 12 team playoff format is my favorite. NHL and NBA are a bit over the top with 16 teams. To fully defend this stance, I would need a full post!

    • Matthew

      Yeah, I like the NFL model too. The problem with that for MLB is that teams would have a bye, and I think that might hurt as much as it would help. I like it how it is now, but I was listening to the Lookout Landing podcast and they pointed out that adding more teams would help with the competitive balance. Kind of even things out without needing a salary cap or anything. Not sure it would work that way, but I hadn’t thought about it before.

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