Blake Griffin. Dunkmaster.

I am a huge fan of the slam dunk. I love seeing hoopsters throw down in games over helpless opponents. I’m not a fan of the slam dunk contest because the dunks are contrived and for show. (Old school contests with MJ and Dominique are sweet, I like those…). Dunks in games are legit because they simply happen. No script, just instinct. Blake Griffin has major instinct. I have never seen someone dunk like him. He jumps and slams with such ease, it doesn’t seem real. The video below is from ONE GAME alone last week. Griffin singlehandedly posterized the Knicks. The three dunks you will watch are beyond epic. They are legendary. They bring back memories of my all time favorite dunker, Shawn Kemp. Raw, vicious, without regard for his opponents feelings. I love it. Enjoy.



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