Husky Predictions – Cal

I’m getting this up a little bit late, but here it is.  This is the biggest Husky game in quite a few years and it’s nice to have a meaningful game in November.  Here goes nothing!


This one is simple:  It’s Cal.  It’s after Thanksgiving.  They will quit.  Huskies have more to play for.  Yes, Locker is still hurt, but the combo of Polk and Callier will run, run, and run again and again.  The defense has played better over the past few games.  Cal can’t throw, they will try to run Vereen, but the UW front seven has done a fine job of stopping the run lately.  I like the Dawgs.
UW 20 – Cal 17


For the past couple weeks, I’ve been intrigued by the bowl possibilities that could await the Huskies, if they could get to 6 wins. As a fan, I’m allowed to think weeks ahead, make predictions, and dream a little. I don’t have to take it “one week at a time.” I would love to see UW play as well on Saturday as they did against Cal last year. It would be great to see this team win for Jake, similar to how the basketball team rallied for Quincy Pondexter last year. Unfortunately, I see a Cal victory. Unlike last year, the Bears have as much to play for as the Huskies, and it is not just Senior Day in Berkely, but also the final game at Memorial Stadium. That seems like a lot to overcome, and it’s had to imagine the Huskies stopping Vereen and the Cal running attack. I think the Dawgs play inspired ball, but the talent gap is just too big, and without Locker being 100% still, I see Cal winning 34-17.


There’s quite a few reasons to like the Huskies in this game: Cal seems to be in a late season collapse, Locker is healthier, the Husky defense seems to be improving.  With all that being said, it’s hard for me to see the Huskies winning this game.  I hope I’m wrong but I think we’ll see the good Cal team show up today and that will be just too much for the Huskies.
Cal 35 – UW 24


No prediction sent.  Slacker.

I am a slacker, but I’m picking Huskies 27-24.  We’re only 8 minutes into the game!


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One response to “Husky Predictions – Cal

  1. dpscansen

    Did you put my prediction in bold font just to make me look dumber? What was I thinking giving Cal 34 points? That offense would need 3 games to get that many!

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