One Week Down

Week one of the Pac-10 basketball season is over and the Huskies sit atop the Pac, tied at 2-0 in conference with Oregon State, of all teams.  The Dawgs now host the Oregon schools in what should be an easy week, although Saturday’s game against OSU could be interesting.  Some really quick observations:

  • WSU went winless against the same opponents UW swept.  WSU has lots of offensive talent, but it looks like they still have some holes, especially on the inside.  There’s lot of season left, but I can’t say they scare me a ton.  I’m always happy to see the Cougars lose, especially after they’ve been getting hyped up the last few weeks.
  • California and Stanford is now looking like the easiest road trip of the year.  Before the season, everyone would have guessed the Oregon schools would get that honor, and they still might, but Stanford doesn’t have many threats and Cal is extremely young.  Cal at least has a couple of decent post players, which might challenge the Dawgs, but they don’t have much else.
  • It’s hard to say right now who sits at #2 in the conference.  Arizona should be tough, but they just lost to OSU and didn’t look real great doing it.  The L.A. schools are the scariest to me, but they both have some holes.  WSU really came back to earth this week.  It’ll be really interesting seeing who emerges from this group, or if OSU can put together a few more wins.

All for now.  Have a good week, everybody.



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  1. Joe Loughery

    The Beavers have surprised me especially after their terrible non conference season. That said, Arizona State isn’t that good, and Arizona is very one dimensional (Williams). Plus, like I indirectly said in my previous post, winning on the road in the Pac-10 is really hard no matter the year, so OSU winning two home games means nothing. I am almost certain they go 0-2 up here, I like the Cougs to win Thursday.

    I’d agree the two LA schools are probably pound for pound the only two that scare me. They both play very physical which traditionally has hurt the Dawgs, but I thought the Huskies pushed back really well. I could see both of them getting better as the year goes along, which make the UW’s two wins down there so vital. If the Dawgs take care of business at home, i.e. g undefeated, they’ll win the league.

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