Huskies +/- vs. UCLA

I didn’t realize that Matthew and I put up posts right at the same time.  Check out his right below this one.

Here are the +/- numbers from Saturday.

Abdul Gaddy: +15
Isaiah Thomas: +17
Justin Holiday: +15
MBA: +7
Aziz N’Diaye: +1
Venoy Overton: -3
Darnell Gant: +14
Scott Suggs: -1
Terrance Ross:
C.J. Wilcox: +2

A few things stuck out to me.  I didn’t expect Gaddy’s number to be so high.  But, after re-watching the game, he played pretty well.  His shot wasn’t falling but the offense was smoother when he was in the game.  Also, he benefited from being out of the game when UCLA went on their run in the second half.  Overton was in at that time and that’s why his numbers were so low.

I was also surprised by how high Gant ranked on here.  He didn’t score a ton, but he played a great game.  He might be the Huskies best defender, which is really saying something.

MBA’s numbers were a little low, and this is why this stat is somewhat flawed.  MBA played what might have been his best game of the season and this stat doesn’t reflect it.  Otherwise, these are pretty close to what I’d thought they’d be.  (They are who we thought they were!)

Go Seahawks!  Believe Big……



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