National Championship Poll

Bob Condotta has this same poll on his blog, so I thought I’d throw it on here.  Tonight’s championship should be a pretty entertaining game, but it contains two fairly unlikeable teams, at least in my opinion.  Usually, cheering for a team from your conference is the way to go, but usually that team isn’t Oregon. 

So, the question is, do you want to see Oregon win a national championship or not?  I’m sure not all reading this are Husky fans, but Oregon isn’t exactly widely liked throughout the rest of the northwest, or the Pac-10, for that matter.  Some positives of the Ducks winning:

  • Helps with the perception of the Pac-10, which is always good.
  • Hopefully would shut up the SEC people a bit, who might be even more annoying than Oregon fans.


  • It’s Oregon trying to win the national championship.

Ultimately, I don’t care too much, but for the record, I’m picking Oregon 52-41.



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