Jake Locker NFL Combine update

Jake Locker took the field today to compete in the annual NFL Combine. I watched all of his drills, along with the other QB’s. I thought Jake looked good, in fact his mechanics are different from the last game he played in the Holiday Bowl. His strides are more even, smoother. His throwing motion is slightly tweaked, but his footwork is so much better, it’s improving his accuracy. Jake still has a ways to go, he obviously needs to do it in a real game situation, but overall he has really impressed the scouts. He’s been solid in the interviews, which many teams weigh more than anything else at the combine.

I love his devotion to competition and hard work. Additionally, he has absolutely no character problems in the past or present, unlike Cam Newton who continues to not speak about his past because he knows his past is full of sketchy situations NFL teams will clearly not like.

Here are a couple videos from NFL Network you may like showing Jake at the combine. First with Brian Billick and Mike Mayock before the workouts and the second after Jake’s workouts.


PS – I’m in a good mood upon hearing Mike Mayock interview Jake because it made me remember Mayocks amazing call of the famous Marshawn Lynch Beast Quake run. It never gets old!


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  1. dpscansen

    Pretty impressive that 4 QBs ran a 40 time under 4.6. Sounds like Locker’s stock is rising thanks to the combine, but then again that was inevitable. Does this surprise anyone? I continue to say what I’ve said since August: Locker will be a top 15 pick. QBs always rise, especially ones with the talent, physique, and character that Jake has. 9 NFL teams NEED a QB, and you’re telling me the guy who was the unanimous 1st pick had he came out last year, will be a 2nd rounder? I doubt it. I could be wrong, but someone will fall for Jake, perhaps Seattle. It reminds me of Tebow haters saying he would be a 3rd rounder.

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