Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday was a dark, dark day in Seattle sports.  One of the worst I can remember, to be honest.  I take no pleasure in recounting it, but, for the sake of this post, I’m going to anyway.

It was a Tuesday, a grey and wet day in Seattle.  Much like the rest of the Summer has been.  It was also grey and wet in New York, which just so happened to be where the Mariners were playing their game.  Were it not for the rain, that threw off C.C. Sabathia’s groove, the Mariners’ were at a very high risk of getting no-hit.  Thankfully, the rain delayed the game for a while and C.C. lost a little bit of his rhythm.  The Mariners’ were one-hit and lost their 17th straight game.  What a relief.

17 straight losses is a franchise record.  17 straight losses is the most consecutive losses in the past 6 years and one of the worst losing streaks of all time.  Jeff Sullivan, at Lookout Landing, mentioned that 17 straight losses has happened less times than perfect games have been thrown in baseball.  It’s amazing.  There was also this look at it from Matthew at Lookout Landing.

But, it could have been worse.  The Mariners could have had a perfect game thrown against them.

Of course, it was worse for Seattle sports fans.  Earlier in the day, before the 17th straight loss, we found out that Matt Hasselbeck would be leaving the Seahawks, via free agency, and the team was going to sign Tarvarias Jackson.  I’ve mentioned that I’m not a huge Seahawk fan (or NFL fan) before, but I was still a bit upset by this news.  Hasselbeck had been quarterback of the Hawks for as long as I’ve paid attention to them.  He led them through the best years that Seattle NFL fans have ever known.  We let him get away and then signed a backup quarterback from Minnesota who no else seemed to want?

Looking back, a lot of the reactions I heard yesterday may have been overreactions. But, at the time I thought they were completely justified.  One of our teams had just lost their 17th game in a row.  The other team had just lost the player that was the franchise icon.  And who knows if the Sonics will get to play this year because of the NBA lockout….. Oh, wait.  Yes, yesterday was a ‘Seattle Sports Fan Day’ by definition.

But, the sun rose and, fortunately, sports move on.On Wednesday, July 27th, the Mariners won an organized, regular season, major-league baseball game.  Read that again and let it soak in.  In fact, I’ll type it again because it felt so good.  The Mariners won!

And if that’s not enough, they scored 9 runs!  Mike Carp got 4 hits!  Dustin Ackley had 3 hits!  Ichiro had 4 hits and raised his average above .270!  Felix shut down the Yankees!  It was a foreign feeling, and I generally enjoy foreign things.

Now, we can look forward to the rest of the season without a monkey on our back.  We can look forward to the progression of Ackley and Carp.  We can enjoy watching our starting pitching, because it’s still pretty amazing.  We can see if any of these young players are worth starting on the team next year.  Most of all, we can just watch baseball again without thinking about what number this game is in the endless losing streak.

And we signed Willy Mo Pena!  What more could you ask?

In the other sport, the Seahawks had a good day.  They signed Sidney Rice and Robert Gallery.  Both of those guys fill a need on the team and are a welcome addition.

All of a sudden, I’m able to sit back and say that maybe letting Hasselbeck go was the right move.  I love the guy and have heard nothing but glowing reports about his character, but didn’t the team across the street (the Mariners) run into the problem of keeping guys around too long last year?  Maybe the Hawks just avoided a Griffey situation.  Probably not, but maybe.

Brad Childress brought up the point today, on the Kevin Calabro Show, that Tarvarias Jackson knows the playbook forwards and backwards already.  No other quarterback in the league, outside of Minnesota’s QB and Brett Favre, can claim that.  That could be valuable.  I still don’t like the signing but maybe it does make some sense.

Yes, there are a lot of maybe’s in those paragraphs but I can tell you that I feel much better about the Seahawks tonight than I did 24 hours ago.

Also, the Pac-12 network looks to be pretty cool.

All in all, Seattle had one of the worst sports days in recent memory yesterday.  But, today we won.  It could just be the sun coming out to let us know that it still exists.  Some may call out the sun, saying it’s just giving false hope.  Both the Mariners and the Seahawks still suck.  I’m choosing to just soak in the warmth that it brought. Maybe we’ll get some more warmth tomorrow, maybe not, but I know that today felt good.



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