History Repeating Itself?

In 1988, the Huskies finished 6-5, narrowly missing a bowl game. The following season, Washington improved to 8-4 and capped the season with a win in the Freedom Bowl against the Florida Gators. Expectations were high for the 1990 team, but the momentum from the Freedom Bowl quickly deflated when Washington narrowly beat lowly San Jose State in the opener, 20-17. Sound familiar so far? In week 2, the Dawgs beat a dismal Purdue team, 20-14. UW then rolled through the Pac 10, finished 10-2, and won the Rose Bowl. The next year was a perfect season, and a national championship.

I’m not saying the Huskies are about to put together a 10-2 Rose Bowl campaign, followed by a perfect season. But the similarities are there when comparing the ’88-89 team to the ’09-10 version. I would bet the fan base had a similar vibe following the close win against SJSU to open 1990. But things can change quick in college football, as evidenced by an 0-12 Husky team becoming Holiday Bowl Champs 24 months later.

The Huskies are on the rise, even a non-homer would agree with this, and in the next year or two, some special things may happen at UW. Our team is 1-0, and riding the 6th longest win streak in college football. It’s time to bury the Eastern game, and pray T’Amu turns into Emtman.



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