It’s Time to Dream

Over the next couple of weeks, us Good Guys will be taking a look back at some of our fondest memories of Husky Stadium.  In fact, the first post in this series should be up shortly.  As you know by now, this old monument will be remodeled after the Dawgs and Ducks go on a date there November 5th.  Yes, the stadium will still stand and will be better but there’s not doubting that it will be different.  This is why we’ll be writing about memories.

But, maybe this old stadium isn’t quite done giving us memories yet.  In case you haven’t noticed, the Huskies are 4-1 for the first time since 2006.  They are 2-0 in the Pac-12 and have improved every week.  The offense looks like one of the best in program history, having scored over 30 points in each of the first 5 games.  The defense has struggled but has been opportunistic and continues to improve.

By all means, after next Saturday the Huskies should be 5-1.  They have the easiest game left on their schedule next Saturday (at home against Colorado) and while the Huskies will have to show up and play hard, a win is expected.  Not to get too far ahead of myself, but in 8 days the University of Washington football team should have their best record to open a season since 2000.  Yes, that was the last time the Huskies won a Rose Bowl.

Before I write anything more, I think it’s important to remember how far this program has come.  Two and a half years ago Steve Sarkisian was hired to fix a program that went 0-12.  Those dreadful years under Tyrone Willingham (also known as Lord Voldemort) tore apart a fan base and left Husky Stadium with empty seats galore.  It was tough to watch.  Truly, I think of all of those losses and I’m simply grateful for a win over Eastern Washington.  So, don’t take this post the wrong way.  I’m not a cocky fan who thinks this team is going to run the table but for the first time in, I don’t know, 10 years, I think it’s time for this fan base to dream.

To finish the season, the Huskies should be favored in 4 out of their 7 games (Colorado, Arizona, Oregon State, and Washington State).  Those games won’t be easy, the Dawgs will face some vaunted passing attacks in Arizona and WSU and, with our questionable secondary, those games will be nerve-wracking.  But, if the Dawgs take care of business they will finish with 8 wins.  8 wins, and that doesn’t include a bowl game!  Sure, over the last decade we know how fast a season can turn and take a dive but now is the time to dream.  Dare I say it, now is the time to expect to win those games.

Lets say the Huskies win those 4 games.  That leaves USC, Oregon, and Stanford.  USC has a lot of talent without a doubt, but we’ve beat them two years in a row.  Our Dawgs can do it again.  The Trojan defense has struggled and, while Robert Woods and Matt Barkley scare me, our offense could put up a lot of points.  Will the Huskies be favored in this game?  Probably not.  But could they win this game?  Without a doubt.

That leaves Stanford and Oregon.  I don’t think the Huskies are up to the level of these 2 teams.  But, maybe I’m wrong.  I expect the Huskies to be competitive with both of them and maybe an upset isn’t out of question.  If the Dawgs could upset one of them then talk of a Rose Bowl isn’t so crazy.

Yes, this post is filled with more ‘if’s’ than I can count.  No, I don’t think the Huskies will be Pac-12 champions this year but, as you sit and watch some college football tomorrow, allow yourself to dream.

The Dawgs have NFL talent.  They have a running back (unless, for some reason Polk decides to stay), a wide receiver (possibly 2), a left tackle, a defensive tackle, a linebacker, a kicker, and maybe a cornerback (if Trufant leaves early) who all will probably be playing on Sundays next year.  I didn’t even mention a quarterback who is second in the nation in Touchdown passes and a tight end who should be on the Freshman All-American team.

When you look at it like that, maybe this year was meant to be.  Old Husky Stadium will rock a few more times before it’s remodeled and maybe the games will be more than just a few fun games in a good season.  They could be more memories that lead us to a magical Rose Bowl season.  Probably not, but this is the first time in far too long that we have a chance to dream about it, Dawg fans.  I’m not going to pass that up.  Next week, it’s back to business but this week I’m dreaming of a sunny New Years’ Day in Pasadena wearing purple and gold.  Sounds pretty nice, huh?


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