Another Milestone

I noticed today that we’ve surpassed 13,000 views on this, the most viewed blog on the internet (at least, of those blogs that have good guys in the name). In light of this feat, on behalf of the good guys, I want to extend our thanks to the 6 of you that have refreshed our homepage 100x a day, in order to make us feel loved. Your thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed.

In addition, there have been some rather intriguing searches that have lead readers to our blog. If you are the guy that looked up, “good would you rathers for guys,” “probability of beating a team 3 times in one season,” “how to not stalk a guy,” “my brother is a good guy,” “m and m commercials in 2011,” or my favorite, “fantastico! liddi launching salamis,” we sincerely hope you found what you were looking for.

We are your one stop shop for answers to these difficult quandaries. Stay tuned for more absurdly intelligent content, spot on predictions, and solutions to America’s debt crisis. The Good Guys won’t let you down.

-Dan (and the other 3)


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