Beat the Ducks!

Welcome to gameday!

Just a couple of quick things while you wait for Pac-12 games to get going.  I’m amazed how many people are picking the Huskies to win.  Not everyone, or even close, but a decent amount.  And these aren’t just commenters on Ted Miller’s ESPN Pac-12 blog.  These are rational, respected writers who have watched a lot of football. Like Bud Withers.  You tell ’em, Bud!

I’m not sure I’ve seen any Oregon media pick the Huskies to win, but I don’t think I’ve seen any pick a blowout either.  I don’t know if that means they have increased respect for UW, or if they have doubts about Oregon.  Probably some of both, but Oregon does look a tiny bit less scary this year.  Hopefully that carries over to tonight.

A couple of links:

  • It’s been fun hearing and reading all the stories about the stadium this week.  This guy is amazing.
  • This is not only a huge day for the team past and present, but potentially for the future.  There are a huge amound of recruits visiting this weekend.  Here’s the list, and here’s Condotta’s write-up, with some quotes from ESPN recruiting guy Greg Biggins.  My quick take on recruiting, which isn’t really unique to me: the Dawgs have a solid base, led by two elite quarterbacks, but there’s a lot of room for either improvement or disappointment.  Of the top five guys in-state, Jeff Lindquist is already committed to the Dawgs and Cedric Dozier is committed to Cal.  The last three guys all have UW on their very short lists, reportedly, but are no means sure things.  Zach Banner and Josh Garnett are the linemen everyone wants, and the Huskies really need to get at least one of them.  Banner seems to be the better bet, but both are still more than possible.  Keivarae Russell is an elite running back.  Get two of those three, and you’ve been pretty successful.  Get all three and this class is an unmitigated success.  Get two or three of them and add a couple of the out-of-state blue chips visiting today and previously, and this class could be the one to take the Huskies the next step.  By the way, it sounds like lots of in-state guys will be in the crowd today, they just won’t be on official visits.  It’s possible over half of UW’s 2012 recruiting class will be in the stadium tonight.

Finally, here’s a video from former football player Greg Christine and some of the biggest names in Seattle hip-hop.  Yes, Seattle hip-hop exists, and it’s really good. (The video won’t imbed, for some reason, so here’s the link instead.)

Go Dawgs!



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