2012 UW Wide Receivers

Looking at the current roster, with minimal attention paid to the 2012 recruiting class.

Who They Lose

Jermaine Kearse

Devin Aguilar

Kearse had a very contentious career for a guy who is probably one of the five or so greatest receivers ever at UW.  He made play after play and caught a huge amount of touchdowns.  I can’t get the Husky record book to open right now, but he’s near the top in a number of categories.  The consistent issues with drops plagued Kearse.  More than a few had major effects on games and kept him from being a huge fan favorite.  He was never quite what he could have been because of the drops, but he is still a huge threat to replace.  Aguilar was a little more consistent but not quite the playmaking threat that Kearse was.  Still, he made a lot of catches at critical moments.  Replacing these two is a fairly tall order.  They both had flaws, but they are clearly one of the better WR combos the Huskies have ever had.

Who Is Back

Kasen Williams- Sophomore

James Johnson- Senior

Cody Bruns- Senior

Kevin Smith- Junior

The saving grace in an otherwise lackluster group is Williams.  It took him half the season to get going, but once he did, all the hype he brought with him seemed inadequate to the actual talent he possesses.  He looked faster than expected, and his overall athleticism is ridiculous.  His leap over a Cougar in the Apple Cup is already legendary.  I expect Kasen will take a huge jump forward this year and be one of the best receivers in a conference full of good ones.

Kasen’s presence allows the rest of this group to be the solid supporting cast they are.  Johnson still has come nowhere near to living up to the promise he showed as a freshman, but his junior season was a huge step up from a wasted sophomore year.  If he can take another step he’s a solid second receiver.  Bruns redshirted last year, in part to give them some depth for 2012 and in part to deal with the death of his father.  He’s done a little of everything in his career, but as a receiver, he best fits the role of a reliable third down guy.  I’m curious to see what the year off does to him.  Hopefully he can close his career with a big year, especially after the tragedy of losing his father.  Smith had a mixed year as a receiver.  I can remember a few big drops and it didn’t always seem like he had the position mastered.  At the same time, his athleticism is second only to Kasen and his kick returns showed that he has an ability in the open field that few others on the team possess.  This year should show if he can be a consistent threat or not.

Who They’re Adding

DiAndre Campbell (Soph.), Jamaal Jones (Fr.) and Josh Perkins (Fr.) kind of blur together for me.  They all fit the prototypical “Sarkisian wide receiver” profile: tall, lanky, decent speed.  I don’t honestly know enough about any of them to say more, but I’d expect at least one to make a mark this year.  They all bring more height than any of the upperclassmen except for Kasen.

Marvin Hall is a little different.  Originally a 2011 recruit, he wasn’t admitted to school and sat out the fall getting eligible before enrolling this winter.  He’ll be a true freshman.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if he had an immediate impact, especially as a return man.  He’s a smaller guy who is dangerous in the open field.  It’s a profile that no other Husky receiver possesses.  He’ll be in spring practice, which should provide an advantage over the other incoming freshmen.

Incoming Recruits

The Huskies have a nice looking group of receivers coming in next fall, but none of them stand out as a guy who will demand playing time.  The closest is probably Kendyl Taylor, a tall and shifty receiver from Arizona who seems like he’s been under the radar a bit.  They’re still working on recruiting a couple of guys, most notably Jordan Payton, a current Cal commit who is reconsidering after the coaching moves.  He is on campus for a visit this weekend.  Scout.com has him as the 15th ranked receiver in the country.  I would expect he’d play his freshman year, but whether that’s in Seattle or Berkley remains to be seen.


Kasen should keep this group from taking a big step back.  He is far and away the most talented UW receiver since Reggie Williams.  The other veterans are solid, but a breakout from Johnson or Smith would be huge.  They’ll also probably need one of the younger guys to have an impact, but I’d be pretty surprised if that doesn’t happen.  There aren’t a ton of playmakers here, at least not yet, but there are worse options than Kasen Williams and a bunch of solid role players.




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6 responses to “2012 UW Wide Receivers

  1. dpscansen

    I am confident that James Johnson will emerge and be a solid #2 guy. Good thing we have Kasen, because beyond him it looks like a lot of potential but nothing is certain. This group could be a strength next year or it could be Kasen and a bunch of guys. I tend to think it’s a pretty good group.

    • Matthew

      Yeah, I’m not sure about Johnson. He has the talent, but we haven’t seen much since he was a freshman. I think we’ll see at least one of the freshmen/sophomores make an impact this year. If they don’t, it could be a little rough.

      • He’ll definitely need to take a jump but if you look at his stats (11 games, 28 receptions, and 366 yards) he doesn’t have to have as big of a bump as I thought. Ten more receptions and another 150 yards and he’d be a solid number 2 guy, assuming Kasen is awesome as we think he’ll be. Who knows, if Johnson hadn’t missed those 2 games he might have been pretty close to where he needs to be next year.

  2. This may be a topic for another time or a full post, but how did we all get the idea that Cody Bruns is a 3rd down possession receiver? I’m not sure it’s wrong but he hasn’t been on the field very much.
    In his first camp, he was clocked with the top 40 time on the team, aside from Jordan Polk (it could have something to do with the lack of speed on the team too). He may not have the leaping ability as some other players, but the speed tells me he could be a different player than the perception we have of him. He could very well be a Jeff Maehl type of player for all I know.
    Anyway, I was just wondering what you guys thoughts were. Is it because he’s said to have good route running ability? Is it because he’s white? Funny how the mind works.

    • Matthew

      Yeah, I don’t necessarily know. I think for me it’s because he does so many different things but rarely seems to be part of the normal offense, if that makes any sense. I just remember him on trick plays and third downs. I really don’t remember any catches that weren’t on third down, although I’m sure there have been plenty

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