Mike Zunino and the Links

Here’s another quick post to tide any draft watchers over.  Sounds like Andrew will put up a recap tomorrow, once we get some more picks.  I’m planning a longer post that’ll go up tonight or tomorrow night.

My quick reaction to the Zunino pick: like everyone else, I was hoping for Buxton or Correa, in that order.  Once they were gone, Zunino was the best option in both overall package and likelihood to reach his potential.  He’s not super-exciting, at least not yet, but it’s a good and potentially great pick.  I especially like the light in which the pick paints the future Mariners lineup.  More on that later.

If you need more reading, there is no shortage of places to find it.  Some of my favorites from the local guys:

  • Here’s the first of a two-post scouting report on Zunino that went up before the draft on Seattle Sports Insider.  SSI always has a fresh perspective that is awfully accurate, more often than not.
  • Mariners Talk is sort of a sister site to SSI focused on the minors.  Spectator, the main writer, puts up great daily minors recaps and chimed in with a predraft overview.  Wondering why you should trust the Mariners’ scouting department? Start here.
  • For reviews of the pick, Jeff at Lookout Landing and Jay at USS Mariner are great.

All for now.  The compensation round is going right now, but the Mariners will make their next pick tomorrow morning at #64.  Tomorrow might be the most entertaining day of the draft.  There are still lots of good players out there, and we get to hear about them and learn about them all at once.

Also, please no one else compare this pick to Jeff Clement.  Mike Zunino is not Jeff Clement reincarnated.  He’s literally not.  Jeff Clement is still alive.  He hit for the cycle in AAA recently.  Just because they’re both catchers picked third overall doesn’t mean Zunino will be crappy.  They are completely unrelated.  They’re not even cousins.  No relation at all.  They’ve probably never even met each other.  Sure, Zunino might not make it, but it’s not because Clement put a permanent hex on catchers selected third overall.  Should the Seahawks never select a quarterback #2 overall because of Rick Mirer?  No! If you trip once walking through your front door, should you never go home again? Probably! Wait, I mean, no! I don’t know how else to say this, but anyone predicting failure for Zunino because of Clement is being dumb. Clement failed because he couldn’t catch and got hurt all the time and didn’t make enough contact.  If Zunino fails it will be for similar or different reasons, but mostly it will be because major league baseball is unbelievably hard.  Mike Zunino is not Jeff Clement.  That’s all.



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