Deontae Cooper Out For Season

News has broken tonight from Coach Sark that Deontae Cooper has torn his ACL, once again, and will miss this year.  At this point, I expect him to retire.  This is his third knee injury in as many years for the young man.  He came into U-Dub with all the promise in the world but it hasn’t worked out for him due to injuries.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him, as I’m sure this is a struggle for him.

As for what this means to the Huskies, not much.  Anyone expecting Cooper to make a significant impact this year was being unreasonable.  More than anything, this is just heartbreaking news.  Get well soon, Deontae!



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3 responses to “Deontae Cooper Out For Season

  1. dpscansen

    Hopefully he never has to pay a dime for his education, to at least make the pain somewhat worthwhile.

  2. Matthew

    Here was his comment today:
    “I don’t have a ‘why me (moment)?”’ he said. “It’s just unfortunate luck. But I can’t be unlucky forever. I’m going to catch a break sooner or later.”

    I just love this guy. I hope he gets his break.

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