Getting To Know Your Dawgs – Fullback

Just in case anyone missed Matthew’s post below, here is the link.  I can’t say enough about the post.  If you haven’t read it, go do that now.

Today we get to know our Dawgs who play fullback.  This falls at a convenient time since there are two of them and I’m on vacation so I don’t really want to write that much.  Suckers.  With that being said, there is a few notes after the jump about the first week of the Huskies training camp.

Jonathan Amosa (SR)

Who scored the first touchdown of the 2011 Husky football season?  If you had Jonathan Amosa in that pool, you were probably the only one.  You were also correct.  Amosa was thrust into the starting role last season after Zach Fogerson retired due to injury.  The word I’d use to describe Amosa’s play is adequate.  He got the job done but nothing too much more.  He seemed like he blocked pretty well but he’s nowhere near the Stanley Havili type player that Sark had at USC.  He came to U-Dub as a walk-on but was awarded a scholarship two years ago and has since became a regular.  He seems like a good guy to root for.  I would expect him to be on the field about half of the offensive plays, splitting time with Dezden Petty and off the field when the Dawgs go with a one-back formation.

Psalm Wooching (FR)

Psalm has the best name on the team.  That’s a quality that really can’t be looked over.  While Amosa is adequate, Wooching has a chance to be something more.  He could be more of the Stanley Havili type I had mentioned above.  With that being said, it looks as if this Hawaiian is headed for a redshirt year.  I’m excited to see what Psalm could become but that might not come for another year or two.

More notes after the jump.

  • It was a tough week of practice as far as injuries go but the only one’s that seem to be worth a worry are Nate Fellner and Hau’oli Jamora (obviously Deontae Cooper is out as well).  Fellner will be out about 4 weeks with a foot injury.  Hau’oli is supposed to be out for about 2 weeks but I could see it turning into more.  We don’t know how long Thomas Tutogi will be out with a knee injury.  James Johnson is a bit nicked up.  Princeton Fuimaono  is the same.  I’m missing a few but none of them seem to be overly serious.
  • Garrett Gilliland quit the team.  Sark didn’t seem to be happy about this in the short interview I heard.  Usually it seems that the coaches and players talk things over beforehand but this sounded a bit different.  It won’t really hurt the team as we didn’t really expect him to be a huge part of the defense but you’d like to have depth.
  • The talk of the week has been Deontae Cooper, and rightfully so.  He’s a Husky legend and he hasn’t set foot on the field during a game.  He’s one of my favorite guys on the team and I think most fans would share the sentiment.  I don’t expect this to happen, but if I was Sark I would name him an honorary captain for the first game of the season.  It would be a way to get the team and fan base fired up.  I, for one, am ready to give the guy a standing ovation.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!




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