Putting The Ducks To Bed

So, the Good Guys have returned from the depression that was Saturday evening to talk quickly about the game and then move on.  Sark has proved time and against that his team can bounce back after big, ugly losses.  That needs to happen again this week.  Here are two or three paragraphs on the game Saturday night and then we won’t talk about how disgusting it is to lose to Oregon 9 times in a row for at least a couple of months.

Yes, the Huskies were trounced.  They were dominated on the scoreboard but I believe that Sark was right in saying that the score was not indicative of where the two teams are.  The Huskies moved the ball against Oregon better than they have in 4 years.  Really, they rushed for over 200 yards which is only the second time they have done that since 2010.  Now, were the Huskies close to as talented as the Ducks?  No, not even close but the game should have been closer than what it was.

The real important stat of the night was 28 points off of turnovers.  That was what Oregon did to the Huskies.  You simply can’t do that against good teams.  Yes, the Ducks offense still seemed unstoppable but it the Huskies gave them the jump-start that they needed.  Marvin Hall is a freshman and made freshman mistakes.  He has been very solid in the previous 2 games returning the football and he proved to be a game changer.  He was a game changer on Saturday night, just not in the right way.  He’ll have better nights, I promise.  The Ducks did have a few long drives but were also dealt a short field much of the time because of turnovers.  Not to mention, an extra 7 points was gained because of Keith Price.

The team is improving.  It’s hard to say that after a 52-21 loss but you could actually see it last Saturday.  Keith Price isn’t playing at his highest level and the receivers are consistently dropping passes.  The offensive line has improved in the last two weeks by a mile.  There are lanes to run through and there was time to pass on Saturday.  The pressure from the week before was in Price’s head and he rushed things.  He had more time than he thought he had.  Bishop Sankey is on pace for over 1,000 yards.  Did anyone think we’d be saying that 4 weeks ago?  I didn’t think so.  He looks the part.  The defense couldn’t hold Oregon’s offense down in Eugene.  Big whoop.  No one else can.  The team got better last week and didn’t have the show to score for it because of turnovers.  I don’t think the turnovers will be a common theme.  That’s it.  Forget about it and move on.  So, let’s go beat USC!



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