Pac-12 Picks – Week 9

Matthew is getting credit for this post, but this is really Andrew.  I’m on Matthew’s laptop and am too lazy to log him off.  That was something you didn’t need to know.

The Huskies got a road win tonight!  It was one of the ugliest football games I’ve ever watched but they won.  We might have more of a recap in the next few days but for now, here’s the picks!

Arizona at UCLA
Joe, Dan:  UCLA
Andrew, Matthew:  Arizona

Arizona State at Oregon State
The Good Guys:  Oregon State

Colorado vs. Stanford
The Good Guys:  Stanford

Oregon at USC
The Good Guys:  Oregon 😦

Utah vs. WSU
The Good Guys:  Utah

As you can see, there won’t be much separation made this week.  Here are the standings on the year, including tonight’s UW-Cal game.

1.  Dan (53-14)
2.  Joe (51-16)
3.  Andrew (50-17)
3.  Matthew (50-17)

There we go!  Have a good weekend.



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