UW vs. Utah Predictions

I don’t have a lot of time, so here’s a joke.

Once there was a tiny little baby who could somehow talk. Even more amazingly, this baby found itself standing next to Kareen Abdul-Jabbar on the subway. The baby looked Kareen up and down. Both stood in silence, eyeing each other, waiting for either to make the first move.

Finally, when the tension was too much for the master of the skyhook to bear, the baby winked at him and said, “Utah.”


As confident as I am the Huskies will win Saturday night, I am not confident they’ll win big. Utah is not a good team, but they are tough, which is a reflection of their coach. Kyle Wittingham is no non sense, and his teams are always ready to play. The Utes are coming off two blowout home wins over the hapless Cougars and Golden Bears, which really doesn’t tell us much. The Huskies are coming off an ugly win over those same Golden Bears, but also over a highly ranked and very good Oregon State team. I look at that win over OSU as the bar. The Dawgs play vastly better at home vs the road, and Utah has been very poor away from campus. I expect the UW to run the ball well, and work in play action with Price to ASJ and Kasen. If this sounds familiar, it should, it’s what I said they had to do last week. And they did. And they won. The Huskies have a golden opportunity to run the table and get to 8 wins, which would be a tremendous milestone for this program under Coach Sark. Quite honestly, anything less than running the table will be a massive disappointment. Utah is very beatable, and we know the chaos ensnaring UW’s last two opponents. I think the Huskies know this, and they’ll play with urgency on Saturday night, the final home game before going back home to the new Husky Stadium next season.

UW 23 – Utah 17


We know a couple of things about the Huskies at this point. At home against an FBS team, they will probably score 17 or 21 points. They will also hold their opponent to between 13-17 points, meaning they usually win (as long as the opponent isn’t USC). Utah is playing better of late, but they still have a weak offense with a true freshman quarterback. The big challenge will be for the Huskies to deal with a stout Utah defensive line led by All-American Star Lotulelei. If they can do that well enough to get Bishop Sankey to 100 yards and give Keith Price some time to throw, this might be the time we see the Huskies break that 21 point barrier. Even if they don’t, I think they win this one.

UW 28 – Utah 17


At this point in the season we pretty well know what the Huskies are. The offense is not going to suddenly revert to 2011 form like we've all hoped, nor will the defense go back to last years dismal level. Keith Price is an average QB and Sankey is the key to the offense, surprising as that is to say. My only fear about tomorrow's game is that we don't know this Utes team. I don't just mean Husky fans, but everyone, Utah fans included. I suspect Utah fans want to know if their team has taken the next step with Wilson at QB and a re-energized team following a rough start. I think Utah is closer to the team it was at the beginning of the season than the juggernaut that rolled over Cal and WSU, which is why I see a Huskies win tomorrow on Senior Night at the Clink.

UW 27 – Utah 17

Lately I’ve been giving reasons why the Huskies will win and then picking them to lose because I’m superstitious and all that. The Huskies are a good team at home and Utah has Bern a bad team on the road. It’s that simple to me. If the trend continues the Huskies will win. I’m worried about Trufant not playing and if that happens the game may be a little closer or a loss. Also, Utah very well could be a good team. They have improved a lot no doubt. With that being said, I’m taking the Huskies.
UW – 20 Utah – 13


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