Where Did Those Dawgs Go?

Dear Husky Basketball Team,

I’ve been told that I’m a sports optimist, so maybe the problem isn’t you, it’s me.  Whatever the case, I wrote about you last week.  You had just beaten a decent Colorado team to cap-off an impressive four-game winning streak.  You were playing the best you had all season.  The offense was still an issue but the defense was incredible.  I guess that’s why I’m so confused.  You built my hopes up on something that should be able to be repeated.  I can understand when you are having an off night.  Even Duke, the prettiest of all the teams, have games where the shots don’t fall.  But somewhere in the last week, you lost those beautiful defensive rotations.  Your transition defense went from being an asset to a disadvantage.  All of a sudden, the worst teams in the Pac-12 were getting to the 50-50 balls way more often than you were.  I just don’t get it.  Did you think you could take a week off and be fine.  These things take work!  You shut down Allen Crabbe and Brock Motum but get killed by some freshman from Utah and Collier the Beaver?  That doesn’t make sense.

Maybe I did expect too much.  I bought into the early season excuses of injuries and learning a new offense.  I wasn’t expecting miracles when Pac-12 play started.  You seemed like a .500 team to me.  Then you played those four games and the expectation changed.  Sorry if that’s not what you wanted but that’s what you (and me) deserved.  Competing for a conference championship started to seem reasonable.  You have the best scorer in the Pac-12.  You have a guy who should compete for Defensive Player of the Year.  You have a senior point guard who may not live up to expectations but at least plays smart basketball generally.  You have a second scoring option who seemed to be a good all-around player, he doesn’t seem that way right now.  You have the gritty guy, to guard the stars and grab the rebounds.  You also have a few exciting young guys.  Sure, scoring and depth were always a concern but that hasn’t been the real problem in the last week.

Now, I’m not going to quit on you.  I never have.  I’ll be following along when you play the Ducks on Saturday and I plan to be in attendance next Thursday against the Wildcats.  Did you know that a Wildcat is about the same size a house cat?  If you can’t beat that then what hope do we have?  I hope this letter doesn’t hurt you too much.  I still think you have a chance to be good and you should be that .500 team I thought you were to start.  I just thought we were forming something special and now it appears that it didn’t matter to you.  I’ll be right here waiting, but please don’t call until you find the defense.




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