Pac-12 Alumni Teams – USC, Utah, UW, WSU

Last week, I started our quest to predict a Pac-12 alumni basketball tournament winner.  In case you missed it, I’m taking 10-12 of the best alumni each Pac-12 schools have and placing them on a hypothetical basketball team.  These teams would be playing today, so there aren’t  any old legends in them.  Most of the players I’m placing on the teams are playing professionally somewhere.

Today, we are assembling the last four alumni teams (I’ve gone in alphabetical order).  After this, the fun will begin and we’ll start our hypothetical tournament.  So, let’s get to the teams.


C Andrew Bogut – Bogut was drafted in 2005 as the number one pick.  He is the last Ute to be drafted into the NBA.
G Andre Miller – Miller was drafted in 1999 and is still in the league.  Bogut and Miller are the only Utes still in the NBA.
F Britton Johnsen – Johnsen retired about 2 years ago after playing a few years in the NBA and overseas.  He is still only 33 and currently runs basketball camps.
F/C Hanno Mottola – Mottola is 36 but is still playing in a Finnish league.  He spent a few years in the NBA before going overseas.
G Carlon Brown – Only in a hypothetical tournament can you have a guy play for two teams! Brown also attended Colorado (he was a Ute longer).  Brown is currently in the D-league.
G Luka Drca – I still have to find four more guys.  Luka graduated from Utah in 2010 and now plays for  a Serbian professional basketball team.  All of these countries have basketball.
G/F Will Clyburn – I found another transfer! Clyburn had a good junior season at Utah, with 17 points/game.  Clyburn just signed with Sacramento as an undrafted free agent.  He’s probably the 4th best player on this team…
G Josh Watkins – Watkins was kicked off the team in 2012 while leading them in scoring.  There is no way the school would invite most of these guys back.  Not that it will matter as far as them winning games.
C Jason Washburn – Washburn graduated this year after a successful career at Utah.  He’s hoping to sign with an NBA team for summer leagues but hasn’t as of the time I published this.
C Luke Nevill – Nevill brings another huge guy to this Utah roster. Nevill currently plays for the Townsville Crocodiles in Australia (Australia and the NBA D-League are battling it out for best mascots).

Utah overview:  Aside from having 5 guys that are almost 7 foot (or over 7 foot), Utah is not good.  There aren’t many scorers here and, aside from Bogut and Miller, the talent is really lacking.


F Nikola Vucevic – Vucevic was drafted in 2011 and played for Orlando last year.
G O.J. Mayo –
Mayo was drafted in 2008 and played for Dallas last season.
G DeMar DeRozan –
DeRozan was drafted in 2009 and played in Toronto last year.
F Taj Gibson
 – Gibson was also drafted in 2009 and played in Chicago last season.
G/F Nick Young
– Young was drafted in 2007 and is currently a free agent in the NBA.
F Brian Scalabrine – 
Scalabrine is the veteran of the group (35).  He retired from the NBA in 2012
G Desmon Farmer – Farmer finished at USC in 2004 and has bounced around since then.  He played for the Reno Bighorns last year (D-League).
G Gabe Pruitt – Pruitt was drafted in 2007 but has been in the D-League since.  In the past year he decided to go overseas and play in Greece.
G Jio Fontan – Jio graduated this year.  He went undrafted but is hoping to sign somewhere.
G Dwight Lewis – Lewis now plays in Spain after finishing at USC in 2010.
C Alex Stepheson – Stepheson finished at USC in 2011 and now plays in Europe.  This USC team was in need of a center and Stepheson fills that role.

USC Overview:  USC is sneaky good.  They have a lot of guys who can score and six guys in the NBA.  All the other guys play professionally somewhere else.  They have a lot of long, athletic guards and a few good post players.  This team will be a tough out.


G Nate Robinson – Nate was drafted in 2005.  He played in Chicago last year and is currently a free agent. 
G Isaiah Thomas – I.T. was drafted in 2011 and has played in Sacramento the last few years.
G Tony Wroten – Wroten was drafted in 2012 and played in the NBA and the D-League last year.
F Terrance Ross – Ross was also drafted last year and plays for Toronto.  
C Spencer Hawes – Hawes was drafted in 2007 and currently plays for the 76ers. 
F/C Jon Brockman – Brockman played for a few different teams in the NBA before playing overseas last year.  He is currently playing for the New Orleans summer team.  He was drafted in 2009. 
G Will Conroy – Conroy finished at UW in 2005 and has hopped between the D-League and the NBA ever since.
G Justin Dentmon – Dentmon, like Conroy, has hopped between the D-League and the NBA since he finished at UW in 2009.
F Quincy Pondexter – Pondexter was drafted in 2010 and now plays for Memphis.
F Justin Holiday – Holiday graduated in 2011 and has played in the NBA and D-League ever since.
F Brandon Roy – While Roy has retired, and will coach the Huskies once Romar is done (you heard it here first), I believe that he would be one of the better players on the court if he only had to play a few games.  He was drafted in 2006. 
C Matthew Bryan-Amaning – MBA is the only guy on the team who hasn’t made it to the NBA.  He currently plays in Serbia after finishing at UW IN 2011.

UW Overview:

This team is as deep as anyone in the league.  They may not have as much star talent but there are plenty of scorers.  They have depth at every position.  It was hard to decide on the 12th guy because there are a few that could easily be on the team (Tre Simmons and Bobby Jones, most notably).


F/G Klay Thompson – Thompson was drafted in 2011 and currently plays for the Golden State Warriors.
C Aron Baynes – Baynes finished at Wazzu in 2009 and played overseas before joining the Spurs this year.
G Kyle Weaver – Weaver was drafted in 2008 and now plays in the D-League.
F Brock Motum – Motum graduated this year and is playing with the 76ers during the summer league.
G Derrick Low – Low finished at WSU in 2008 and currently plays overseas.
G Taylor Rochestie – Rochestie (Joe’s favorite guy) finished school in 2009 and now plays in an Italian league.
F Ivory Clark – Clark currently plays in an Israeli league after finishing at WSU in 2007.
F DeAngelo Casto – Casto finished at Wazzu in 2011 and has played in Turkey and South Asia leagues since.
G Marcus Capers – Capers graduated in 2012 and now plays in Finland.
G Faisal Aden – Aden has played for a D-League team, Italian team, German team and signed a contract with a Belgium team (who he never played with) after finishing at Wazzu in 2012.

WSU Overview:

Wazzu has the star but the supporting cast isn’t the best.  There aren’t many guys in the NBA but they are all playing professionally somewhere and they are relatively young.  WSU isn’t the best team in the tournament but they could surprise some people.

The tournament starts soon!




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