A Small Change

Hello Good Guy readers!  We started this blog three and a half years ago and it’s still moving along, albeit at a slow speed sometimes.  We have no intention of ending this blog anytime soon and, truthfully, it holds a special place to us.

With that being said, Matthew and I have been asked to contribute at a new Seattle sports blog that is part of the Fansided Network.  It is called Emerald City Swagger.  Here is the first post I’ve written for here.

Our intention is to keep the bulk of our content here while posting about once a week at Emerald City.  We would love if you kept reading our posts here and then reading what we have over there.

Like any of the athletes we write about on this blog, we should strive to make ourselves better.  Matthew and I believe this opportunity will make us better writers and may, someday, lead to bigger things.

We are grateful for your support of this blog and are honored that you choose to read our work.  Now, go read the post below this because it is awesome.

– Andrew


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