Pac-12 Picks – Week 12

Well, that was a disappointing game.  I’m not as angry or disappointed as other people out there but I’m bummed.  I hope Keith is okay, and I hope this team figures out how to win on the road sometime.  UCLA wasn’t any better than they were, but they shot themselves in the foot to start and never could recover, especially with a backup QB in.

I see many people jumping off the UW bandwagon tonight and that’s fine.  Some people take this game more than serious than I do and have extremely high expectations.  That’s fine, as long as those expectations are realistic.  In this case, they are realistic, I’m just skeptical of another coach being able to do a better job than Sark.  One thing that does need to happen is for people to let this season play out.  There are lots of negative people who would rather rip on the players and coaches than cheer for the team.  That’s sad.  I sat through every game of an 0-12 season and cheered on my team.  I wouldn’t be a fan if I did otherwise.  Cheer for your team. Be upset when they lose, but never become so obsessed or negative that you can’t celebrate when the team wins or cheer when the game is going on.

Lastly, I keep meaning to write a post about referees and entertainment within the game.  I’m not going to tonight because I’m pretty upset with the refs (the Huskies probably wouldn’t have won tonight regardless) and how they cost the Huskies a minimum of 7 points tonight.  I sat through a miserable basketball game last night that was poorly officiated.  Officiating is a real problem in football and basketball (especially in the Pac-12).  While baseball made a move to help officials with replay this week, football and basketball keep adding rules to make incompetent officials even worse.  Referees are constantly affecting the outcome of games and something needs to be done to stop it.

Anyway, on to the picks this week!

WSU at Arizona
The Good Guys:  Arizona

Utah at Oregon
The Good Guys:  Oregon

California at Colorado
Dan, Matthew, Joe:  Cal
Andrew:  Colorado

Stanford at USC
The Good Guys:  Stanford

Andrew, Dan, Joe:  ASU
Matthew:  OSU

The Standings! (These don’t include the UW game tonight)

Dan 60-12  (.833)
Matthew 59-13  (.819)
Andrew 58-14  (.806)
Joe  55-17  (.764)
Tyler (Commenter)  43-11  (.796)

Should be a good day of football tomorrow!  Enjoy it!




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4 responses to “Pac-12 Picks – Week 12

  1. Tyler


  2. Matthew

    I meant to pick ASU. Not sure if I typed wrong or you read wrong!

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